Let’s Get Lost festival in Zwolle 2/2

Leaving the Zwolle based band The Horse Company in Hedon playing to an enthusiastic crowd in this already very interesting new festival, I went back to Theater Young Ones. Finding shortcuts as I went I was sure not to get lost anymore this night. Continue reading Let’s Get Lost festival in Zwolle 2/2

Let’s Get Lost festival in Zwolle 1/2

After the last InDeKringloop session I leisurely made my way to the Hedon venue to pick up my photographers accreditation for the Let’s Get Lot festival and re-parked my car (9 Euro for three hours worth of parking and I still had about 10 hours of parking to go). All set and ready to go for a brand new festival in Zwolle: Let’s Get Lost.

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Man From The South and We Were Evergreen at In De Kringloop

By posting a photo of a record of Still Corners on Instagram a little while ago I got into a conversation with Patrik Kuiper of InDeKringloop and one thing led to another and before I knew it I got permission to photograph at the Let’s Get Lost festival in Zwolle with the request to also come and take some photos at the InDeKringloop sessions that afternoon. Seemed a fun thing to do so sure. Gladly!

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Wende in Hedon

On Saturday June 26 I drove to Zwolle to visit Hedon for the first time since quite some time. Wende had a show here with band and I really wanted to see her again. I saw her in Groningen in November last year, but to see her in a club-gig seemed a very interesting concept.

Driving to Zwolle on the day that the Dutch TT was held is an interesting experience. Long traffic jams, motorcyclists passing you by on every possible side and the amount of spectators that sit besides the roads are incredible. All the way from Assen to Zwolle in the most unexpected places there’s people cheering the motorcyclists on.

The Hedon doors opened at 20:00 and around 21:00 the venue was well filled when Wende Snijders and band came onto the stage. The gig was incredible. Switching from small singer/songwriter to cabaret, electro-beats, piano ballads and Wende capturing the audience attention with her incredibly intense, passionate performance. Her voice is just sublime and with her sensually walking on stage, Wende wrapped the audience around her hand with ease.

Most of the songs played were from her latest English album, but they also played a French chanson that was totally reworked to suit her current style. The gig was awesome, absolutely blew me away. The gig in Groningen last year was good, but here in Hedon -in a club-venue- it all fitted together

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Vanessa Peters in Papenstraattheater

It’s been about three years since I first saw Vanessa Peters. In May 2007 I was asked by Fileunder if I’d like to go and see a singer/songwriter from Texas/America who was on her first Dutch tour. She played in a small pub in Groningen. No stage, only two lightbulbs above her and an audience that barely paid attention. But Vanessa didn’t let that get her down and was back for a tour half a year later, playing small venues and bringing Italian Manuel Schicchi from Icecream on Monday along with her for support on guitar and Dutch Alex Akela on bass, mandolin and violon.

Currently Vanessa is seen as one of the most influential Texan singer/songwriters of the moment and is back for another tour through the Netherlands. Again with Manuel and Alex and on Friday April 16th the band played in the Papenstraatheater in Zwolle. For me a first for the venue and finally back in Zwolle as it’s been a long while I was there.

I was very happy to see the small theater filled up very well. Theaters usually mean a more attentive audience then bars. It also meant that I’d have to be a lot more sensitive with my camera (the Canon tends to sound like a cannon when it’s surroundings are silent). So I took an absolute minimum of images.

The gig itself went fantastic. The sound in the venue was terrific, the audience appreciative and Vanessa and band played fantastically. Some old songs, some from her latest CD and a few well chosen covers. It’d be great to see Vanessa play theaters a lot more. But first I’ll see her i my hometown of Assen tonight, in De Witte Bal

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