Tamikrest in Vera

There is something in African music that just draws me to it. It’s highly rhythmic repetitive style just makes you wanna dance and I might not understand the vocals… if it sounds good, it sounds good, simple as that! So when I saw Tamikrest was going to play in Vera, it didn’t take long to make up my mind.

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Staff Benda Bilili in De Oosterpoort

After two beautiful, intimate concerts I ended the musical week with a completely different concert. Didn’t really know what to expect, but I found the idea of Staff Benda Bilili one I could not possibly miss out on.

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Mayra Andrade in De Oosterpoort

Leafing through the upcoming concerts in De Oosterpoort I saw an announcement of a Cape Verdean singer mixing Cape Verdean rhythms, Brazilian sounds and jazzy popsongs to a sensual, swinging whole. Mayra Andrade was just what this summer has been missing.

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