New (temporary) layout

I have (temporarily) got myself a new look to the site. As the somewhat hacked version of the Sliding Doors theme that I used until now is not able to work with the new WordPress 4.4 version (that is named Clifford after ‘Clifford Brown’, a Jazz musician and therefor I simply had to update) I have decided to go for the upgrade and change layout of the site.

At least for a while. It’s also a good kick in the but to rethink my site-style and change a few things here and there. I loved the theme but must admit that it was a bit dark. So maybe a whiter theme will be good. Perhaps the Sliding Doors thingy will return. I might restyle that a bit. But this basic theme does the job for now and in these dark wintery days a slightly brighter site gives a bit more energy ;) WordPress online (again)

Hello and welcome to the all new website layout. The former website had been up and running for quite some time and though I was still very happy with the concept, it was time for something new and this is it. The new site uses WordPress and Flickr and will hopefully make the site more interactive.

If you’re wondering where all the old photos went… Well, they’ve been deleted from the site I’m afraid. However, as I’ve been running a shadow-gallery in Flickr for a good year now, you can find most photos (and at least every band I saw last year) here.

The site is still in development, but as the Eurosonic/Noorderslag festival is due shortly, I wanted to kick of the site to prevent myself from having to free up lots of space on my website area.

I hope you’ll enjoy the new layout and if you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact me.