Adam Barnes at Noorderzon

On August 20th the 2015 edition of Noorderzon kicked off in Groningen. Over a total of 10 days the Noorderplantsoen will bit the focal point of Groningen for concerts, theater, festivities, literary activities and lots and lots of culinary joys. However for me the music is as always the best part. Unfortunately I haven’t got much time, so I have to get the moments where I can.

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Ormonde and Stems in Mariënholm convent

If there’s one thing I love about the wishfulmusic it’s that they’re able to surprise you with gorgeous locations in Groningen where they organize their concerts. Besides the various living-room concerts they already regularly have concerts in the Synagog and last Saturday they held the concerts in a convent.

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A few highlights in concerts that 2014 brought

In 2014 I saw many concerts again. Some by band I knew and it introduced many new artists and bands to me and I loved so many of them. It’s absolutely impossible to arrange a set in a Top 10 as there were so many incredible concerts and one is simply so much different to another. But I would like, as is the custom at the end of the year, to highlight a few moments of the year.

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Leendert and Cast Glass in the Synagog

Last Friday seemed like the start of the fall-season in concert land. Various venues in Groningen had gigs going on, Vanslag in Borger had a great act and in The highest region of the province of Groningen Richard Bolhuis of House of Cosy Cusions had an art-symbiosis mixing images and sound in ‘ Twijduuster’  in the town Kloosterburen. However I had planned on visiting my friends of wishfulmusic weeks before as they had another show in the Synagog of Groningen with two terrific acts.

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Noorderzon day 4

There was lots and lots of music at Noorderzon again on Sunday. Starting with a huge line of people outside the Spiegeltent waiting to get in. Not much change of getting a ticket for Sun Kil Moon then. Fortunately there were more then enough other options. Starting with a bit of culture.

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Noorderzon day 3

The Noorderzon 2014 edition is in full swing again with lots of activities, interesting eating and drinking locations and of course art, theater and lots of music. Having missed the first two days I started on Saturday with a few terrific concerts.

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Groningen Museum Live October 2013

After having spent a great afternoon on Groningen including a visit to the Noorderlicht photo exposition at the Suikerfabriek area, I was all set for an evening of music in the Groninger Museum where five great artists were to play a set in the museum.

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Noorderzon August 17

I went back for my second day of Noorderzon on Saturday. Arrived well and early to just take in the atmosphere of the festival. Relax, see the sights and have a bit of fun. See people, eat a bit and oh… see awesome music of course!

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Noorderzon August 15

On August 15 Noorderzon in Groningen got started again, 11 days of theater, dance, art, all types of food and music. If you live in Groningen, you cannot not go. It’s a fantastic festival and a perfect opportunity for me to try out my Fujifilm X-Pro1 camera under harsher conditions.

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Livingroom concert in my own livingroom

Late 2012 a plan was hatched that I hadn’t thought possible a short while earlier. A livingroom concert in my very own livingroom. The months, weeks leading up to this very moment were filled with a different anxiety. Having the event combined with Record Store Day was a nice coincidence.

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Aankondiging huiskamerconcert met I Took Your Name en Kendler

Eindelijk is het dan zover, na een aantal huiskamerconcerten in het Groningse te hebben bezocht mag ik nu dan toch met gepaste trots mijn eerste zelf georganiseerde huiskamerconcert aankondigen. Op 20 april spelen er maar liefst twee Groningse acts in mijn woonkamer en ik hoop jullie hier te mogen verwelkomen. Met wat passen en meten moeten we toch zeker plek kunnen maken voor 25 bezoekers (vol=vol!).

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Vanessa Peters and R.T. Woods

House concerts are a great addition to venue located gigs. They’re way more intimate, it feels you’re part of a very select little group and the atmosphere at these gigs is (to my knowledge) always great. It’s only really very hard to take decent photos at these concerts. Groningen based wishfulmusic had a great evening for us in store last Friday.

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Groninger Museum Live #5

Last Saturday the Groninger Museum -together with wishfulmusic– hosted it’s fifth edition of this great little festival in what must be one of the most inspiring locations for a musical evening

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Picknick in het Plantsoen in Groningen

On Monday the 28th of May -Whit Monday- there were still many more festivals. Pinkpop was about to work up to the main act (Bruce Springsteen), Ribs&Blues was far from done, but I chose to check out the park in Groningen where wishfulmusic held it’s second ‘Picknick in het Plantsoen’

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wishfulmusic in Groningen

After my comments on the unfortunate lighting I had with the Ormonde gig at Groningen Museum Live, I was lured back to Groningen by wishfulmusic with the promise that the lights at the livingroom concert would be much better. And as I’d love to see Anna-Lynne and Ormonde again I didn’t need to think long about going back to Groningen one day later.

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