Tamikrest in Vera

There is something in African music that just draws me to it. It’s highly rhythmic repetitive style just makes you wanna dance and I might not understand the vocals… if it sounds good, it sounds good, simple as that! So when I saw Tamikrest was going to play in Vera, it didn’t take long to make up my mind.

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Sven Hammond Soul

Sven Hammond Soul have recently released their fifth album Rapture and are touring with that now. They’ve been around for a good 10 years now and that shocked me a bit as it turned out I’ve not seen them in any of those years. High time to change that!

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Roger Damawuzan & Vaudou Game in Vera

A double-concert tonight: After having visited Basia Bulat in the Grand Theatre in Groningen there was time for another great concert, even though it was totally different: Funk and Afrobeat by Vaudou Game and their special guest Roger Damawuzan.

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Subroutine festival – Rats on Rafts, Vox Von Braun and Nouveau Vélo

Subroutine is celebrating it’s tenth birthday and brought 5 acts to the Vera venue in Groningen. And as I’ve been itching to see Rats on Rafts live for a while now, this was a perfect opportunity for it.

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Daniel Norgren in Vera

As I drive into Groningen, I could see the huge Ferris Wheel of the May Fair on the Vismarkt popping out over the buildings, the sun was slowly setting and with the first official summer-temperature day of 2015, it was a lovely evening. But I wasn’t in Groningen for that… I had completely missed the announcement of Daniel Norgrens gig in Vera until a friend pointed me to that. Quickly checked it out and it sounded great, so onwards to Groningen!

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UFOMammut and Zolle in Vera

While I’m still working on the photos I took on vacation in Italy (will be online soon) concert-season has begun again and last Sunday I went to see two Italian bands in Vera (nice link to the vacation don’t you think?). There’s nothing like an evening of loud psychedelic stoner rock to get back into the concert-photography game!

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Noorderzon August 21

Noorderzon is well underway and actually already halfway. This is also my first day of 4 weeks of vacation. Had a few things to take care of, but I absolutely wanted to attend today’s edition of Noorderzon. When I arrived I was astonished to see the enormous line of people waiting to get into the Ophelia tent, where the performance “Post Presents Post / Who’s the best?” was about to start.

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Dame Flux in Vera

Last week Dame Flux: the artist formerly known as Flux (and Irene Wiersma if you really get to know her) together with musical partner Corneel Canters presented her latest album and where else then Vera to have the album-release? The crowd was fittingly welcomed with champagne as the album is called… ‘ Champagne’.

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Torre Florim en Roos Rebergen presenteren De Tweede Speeldoos in Vera

Torre Florim and Roos Rebergen came to Groningen to present their second album to a wildly enthusiastic Vera crowd on Thursday evening.

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Ben Caplan and Hilbrandt Mill in Vera

I decided to give Ben Caplan a try in Vera last night. What I’d seen on Youtube sounded promising and the word of mouth buzz was good too, so it seemed a very good idea to end the week like that. I wasn’t really expecting the venue to be as crowded as it turned out to be.

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Orgel Vreten (The Merciless Hammond Battle) in Vera

What do you get when two guys that play Hammond organ indifferent bands get together and decide to jam? You get a merciless Hammond battle. Thijs Schrijnemakers (Wende, Stereo) and Robin Piso (DeWolff) did just that and might just have created the best live act of 2012. And this analogue force hit Vera last night.

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