Vanessa Peters at Roodehaan

My history with Vanessa Peters goes back to May 2007, when I was just photographing for FileUnder for a little while and Vanessa had one of her first visits to the Netherlands. In a very unlikely Café Roezemoes in Groningen Vanessa tried to sing over the loud chatters of the visitors of the café (fun coincidence: Roezemoes is a translation for chatter).

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Sascha Elisah and Vanessa Peters in Groninger Museum

I’ve seen Vanessa quite a few times now, mostly in small setups. Either completely on her own or with one or two supporting musicians on guitar, mandolin or violin. But now Vanessa is touring with the Danish band The Sentimentals, a chance to see her with a full band and on stage. But there was more last Friday evening, first Groningen based Sascha Elisah would be releasing her debut single!

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