Vanessa Peters at Roodehaan

My history with Vanessa Peters goes back to May 2007, when I was just photographing for FileUnder for a little while and Vanessa had one of her first visits to the Netherlands. In a very unlikely Café Roezemoes in Groningen Vanessa tried to sing over the loud chatters of the visitors of the café (fun coincidence: Roezemoes is a translation for chatter).

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Vanessa Peters and R.T. Woods

House concerts are a great addition to venue located gigs. They’re way more intimate, it feels you’re part of a very select little group and the atmosphere at these gigs is (to my knowledge) always great. It’s only really very hard to take decent photos at these concerts. Groningen based wishfulmusic had a great evening for us in store last Friday.

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Top 10 albums of 2012

It’s always nice to look back over the past year and see what albums stood out. Even though there’s still a few albums underway, they won’t be in time to get a good enough impression of for a final list and then again… ask me again next week and the list might look different from what it looks like now. And in the end..  what’s the value of a list anyway. But they are fun, so here we go!

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