Lunchwalk on January 18

It’s full on winter in the Netherlands and we have had a few days of frost now. And yes: I do know that there are a lot of places in the world where will be far, far colder, but at a mere -6 degrees for a few days the Netherlands turn into a fairytale like scene with beautiful white trees…

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Gasterse Duinen in December

It’s been a month since I really did some photography (not really counting the few photos I took of the World Press Photo exposition). Coming back sick from vacation, dark nights and working in daytime and editing a huge amount of vacation-photos didn’t make me reach out to my camera immediately. However after a month I figured it was about time again. Also it was high time for a bit of hiking again!

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Day two with the X-Pro2

After an initial short bit of photography in a short round last evening, I took the camera for a longer walk this afternoon. What started with a lot of sun, quickly became a bit of rain. But as the X-Pro2 is weatherproof, I went on. The rain gave up quickly then.

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