The Black Keys in De Oosterpoort

On November 11 The Black Keys played in De Oosterpoort,  well… they rocked De Oosterpoort. The even was sold out completely and well deserved. The Monroes, a garagerock band from ‘rockcity’ Groningen, served as opening-act. They played a great set and did well warming up the audience to the main act (wanted to take a coy of their album with me when I left, but the booth was temporarily deserted as they were checking out The Black Keys themselves. Oh well, another time then)

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And what a main act. The Black Keys shook De Oosterpoort to its foundations. The first part of the gig features only Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney -The Black Keys- playing mainly older songs (including my favourite Stack Shot Billy). The duo play rocksolid and the sound is awesome. When the songs from their latest album are played in the second part of the gig Dan and Partick are backed up by Bass and a beautiful Farsifa organ. Oh… and a huuuuge discoball, gotta mention that. The extra instruments fit in well, but don’t take any of the attention away that Dan and Patrick so fully deserve, their on-stage chemistry makes for a phenomenal groove that is fully taken in by the audience. The concert is absolutely fantastic

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I read a review in the paper this morning that stated “The Black Keys: Phenomenal bluesrock for a young generation” and they’re spot on, although I’m willing to bet that the ‘older’ generation loved this gig just as much.

Bettie Serveert in Vera

Some bands you just can’t see often enough and for me Bettie Serveert fits in that category perfectly. I saw them not so long ago at Noorderslag and the PlatoSonic festival, but both were very crowded and in the middle of the EuroSonic/Noorderslag weekend, meaning I didn’t really have that much time to really listen to the music.

Luckily the Betties were about to tour the Netherlands and that led them to Vera on Thursday March 25th. The venue was nearly sold out in presales. Opening for them was the local band The Monroes, playing a mixture of Garage rock / Surf music and Pop/Rock. A great act, and did a great job warming up the crowd for Bettie Serveert

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After The Monroes set, the monitor speakers were quickly removed or rearranged to make as much room on stage as possible for the Bettie Serveert members to move about. Guitarist Peter already warned me not to place camera’s or lenses on stage during the concert (took that advice to heart ;)). Currently their touring with Voicst drummer Joppe Molenaar and I was in awe seeing him drum. He’s a brute force driving the band on. Carol, Peter and Herman were great as always and Peter was indeed all over the stage. The setlist contained a varies set of old and new material and a Moss cover. I had a great time again and cannot thank the guy who was in charge of stage lights enough, that’s awesome these days

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