Doug Seegers at Vanslag

Last weekend the annual Take Root festival was held in Groningen, an Americana festival that offers a stage to the wide variety of American music styles. Several musicians will take it as the start of a European music tour, others are already in Europe. Doug Seegers was already in the Netherlands and played at Vanslag the Thursday before

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Static Roots Festival 2018

This year marks the third year of a fantastic festival in Germany. Starting in 2016 as a one-off to mark the 50th birthday of it’s organizer Dietmar Leibecke, two editions on it feels like it’s always been here. It’s one of the musical highlights of my year, that’s for sure! Getting more attention around the world it’s certainly getting more noticed and I’ve been looking forwards to the festival for the past few months!

Welcome to Static Roots Festival 2018!

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Chatham County Line in Vanslag

On Thursday February 9th the men of Chatham County Line came to Borger for an evening of true Bluegrass music. As it happens I’ve seen them before, a long long time ago. It was on the Take Root festival back in 2005. A time when I was just switching from analog photography to digital and I’m happy to see the guys of Chatham County Line have NOT done the same and are still playing true blue ‘analog’.

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Meschiya Lake & The Little Big Horns in Vanslag

At first sight Meschiya Lake might seem a bit rough, she certainly has more tattoos than anyone I’ve ever seen. However she’s a super friendly, charming young lady who -together with her band the Little Big Horns- brings a little bit of New Orleans wherever she goes.

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Ane Brun in De Oosterpoort

About 10 years ago I saw Ane Brun on a little stage at the Take Root festival that was then still held in my hometown. In a little hall, between plastic cactus in a corduroy suit Ane played and it was simply fantastic. I haven’t seen her since and so ten years on it was about time and the gig in the Oosterpoort was the perfect opportunity.

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Elliott Brood and Peter Thisell in Vanslag

Last Friday the Canadians of Elliot Brood came to Borger, a band that I’ve last seen a long long time ago. The first time in 2005 in a very small setting in a small, intimate café in Assen (De Witte Bal, where many of my musical roots lay) and then in 2008 at the Take Roots festival. Quite a few years have passed and a day after the guys played at the former church Paradiso in Amsterdam they now came to the Church-turned-venue of Borger: Vanslag, together with Swedish singer-songwriter Peter Thisell.

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Meschiya Lake Quartet in Jazzcafe De Spieghel

Two years ago at the 15th edition of Take Root Meschiya Lake left a big impression with her striking looks and fantastic mix of old time jazz, ragtime and rhythm&blues. However as is life for festival photographers I didn’t get to see all that much of her as other acts were also being played and needed attention. So how fantastic was it that Meschiya was bringing her quartet to Jazzcafe De Spieghel in Groningen?

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Take Root 15th edition 2/2

Part two of my Take Root #15 mini review, in which I will make good on my promise in the first part to reveal the act that blew me away and the rest of the bands that made this edition such a great festival.

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Take Root 15th edition 1/2

Last Saturday was the Saturday of September: the day the Take Root festival in the Oosterpoort venue in Groningen had it’s 15th edition. A bunch of names I was quite keen on seeing, a few names that I already knew and one name that would blow them all away (but more on that later).

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Take Root 2011 3/3

Two-thirds into the festival Take Root is going well. But there are still a few more acts to go. And even though a few acts I had high expectations of didn’t do so much for me as I hoped I was absolutely having a great time with acts that managed to surprise me a lot. Time to see if the last acts could do the same.

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Take Root 2011 2/3

At 7pm the Take Root festival is well under way. After some great surprises at the start of the festival, it’s time for the second part of Take Root 2011.

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Take Root 2011 1/3

It’s September, the concert summerbreak is over and what better way to kick of the new concert season than with a festival? Take Root -a festival for “past, present and upcoming American music”- had it’s 14th edition on September 10th. There were some mighty shoes to fill after last years edition. An edition I missed due to medical conditions. But I’m back I and I surely was not going to miss this edition!

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Take Root 2010

It still a few months till the festival is held, but after reading a few Twitterposts of the Take Root festival I couldn’t help but post a blog about this upcoming festival.

More and more names are starting to be added to the line-up and after having been disappointed with the line-up of the past few festivals in this part of the Netherlands this year, the Take Root line-up is starting to look like the best line-up I’ve seen like… forever! The artists that have been named so far are just amazing and I really can’t wait for this years addition. The list isn’t final yet, but here are -in no particular order- a few names that have been made public:

– Isobel Campbell & Mark Lanegan (wow… that’s just so awesome)
– Phosphorescent (very curious to hear this, should be fantastic)
– Wilco (main act with long show)
– Iron & Wine (wanted to see this for so long, love this band)
– Black Mountain (psychedelic heavy rock, odd name in the list, but I love them)
– Damien Jurado (only seem him once, curious to see him again)
– Frank Fairfield (ought to be a great act)
– Carrie Rodriguez (loved her CD with Chip Taylor, can’t wait to see her on her own)

More names are to be added, but this on it’s own is already an awesome list and I do believe this to be one of the best line-ups of Take Root ever. September’s gonna be a great month :)