Kyteman Orchestra and New Cool Collective on Eurosonic Air

As luck would have it I was not about to get to see a lot of Eurosonic this year. Busy plans at work and on top of that I fell ill on Friday afternoon and that kept me away from the full Saturday planning as well. I did however finally get to see Kyteman Orchestra on the open Air stage (probably further aiding to my getting the flu) and the ever fabulous New Cool Collective.

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Swingin’ Groningen day 2

The 19th edition of Swingin’ Groningen is held this year. Quite impressive considering the 5 years the festival was on hold. It got a ‘reboot’ last year and thankfully they’re back to stay so this year Groningen was swinging again for a good three days.

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New Cool Collective in De Oosterpoort

New Cool Collective has recently released a new CD called Pachinko in the full Big Band outfit. And last night they ended their tour in the De Oosterpoort venue, small hall as Randy Newman had claimed the larger one, but I can not imagine that concert having been more fun than New Cool Collective and audience had in the smaller hall. The concert was taped for a DVD release (and they let me photograph, these guys rule!) so the light in the hall was absolutely fabulous. The band was swinging and so was the audience. Lots of new material, lots of older material, just about every member of the brass section got their moment in the spotlight and although there were many solo moments the whole concert felt like the band really played as one union.

The songs were great, the band just seems to be getting better every time I see them and their latest CD is incredible so if you ever get the change: go see New Cool Collective big band

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