My Leica M6 system

Long ago in a galaxy far away I once started with a few analog Canon EOS cameras. Thanks to that I learned all about apertures and shutter settings, but creatively I’ve learned the most in photography the moment I joined the digital SLR revolution. However even though I owe much to those cameras, after 12, 13 years for me photography became rather a dull activity and I started to really loose interest. As I like both the product of photography as the mechanism that makes it work, I needed something to get me spiced up again.

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Gasterse Duinen with the Leica

When I arrived back from Italy last month, I hadn’t yet fully filled the film rolls in my cameras. What followed was a full week of terrible weather and I waited until the last weekend of my vacation to take a bicycle ride to Gasteren in Drenthe to shoot the last set of photos.

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Leica M6

And talking about camera gear… I have my Leica M6 complete! I received a gorgeous Gordy Strap to replace the basic Leica one and an ‘el cheapo’ lens hood from somewhere in China. It might not be an original Leica but looking at the prices a second hand Leica lens hood goes for there’s no way I’m spending that kind of money on that. This cost €4,50 via Ebay and I found an ever cheaper one not much later… And what I saved will pay a return ticket to Barcelona if needed :)

Now I said it’s this is my Leica completed, but…. well, just wacht this space in a few days. That’s all I’m gonna say now ;)