Welcome to the Village and a general announcement

Hey all, as the concert season is on a summer break, festivals are popping up everywhere and it’s great to see so many new festivals with a fresh take on the concept. The next two days I’ll be at the Welcome to the Village festival near Leeuwarden and I’m very much looking forward to that.

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Fuji FinePix X100

I’m fully aware that I have a bit of a camera fetish. I have way more camera’s then I’ll ever need, but hey… it’s just so much fun :) The ultimate camera I’d like to get would be a rangefinder camera. To be precise a Leica, but as that’s way over my budget, that will have to wait for a while. Fuji presented a novel idea on last years Photokina photography trade fair: the X100, a vintage styled compact camera with a hybrid viewfinder. I wanted it the moment I saw it.

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