Barcelona, March 2018

I wasn’t able to make it to Barcelona in time for my birthday this year, so I went a bit later to celebrate my 42nd with Monica in a better climate then I had in the Netherlands.

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The flight home from Barcelona back to the Netherlands took moe for the most part over a cloudy France, Belgium and Netherlands. But it didn’t start cloudy, Spain was bright and clear and I cannot remember having seen the Pyrenees as clear as I saw it now. It was amazing!

A few more shots of the flight after the break.

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First snow in December 2017

We’ve had code orange and code red in the Netherlands all day, warnings to go home on time, to not go out on the road if it’s not really necessary and a record length in traffic-jams. All in all that was a bit much for what little snow we had in the North of the Netherlands, but it did make for a nice view: Snowy wintery landscapes!

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Barcelona in March 2017

It’s March and it has been two months since I was with Monica. And as it’s just been my birthday it’s a really good idea to celebrate it a bit longer in Barcelona.

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Winter in the Netherlands

Around Christmas we had lots of snow in the Netherlands. The first white Christmas since 1981. Shortly after that, most of the snow had disappeared again. But… it started snowing again around the end of the year and within just a few days there was a nice thick blanket of snow covering landscape again. How cool is that? I love winter ;)

So yesterday I went out for a walk, brought my camera and took some photos. Did some editing in Photoshop experimenting with warm and cool colours. This resulted in some different colours. Some may work, some won’t, but that’s what an experiment is for.

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