Plato Planet 2011 1/2

Having just left the Irene Wiersma’s poetry bundle presentation I saw a tweet by the Oosterpoort venue stating that everyone that was not currently attending Plato Planet 2011 was a pancake. And I had no intention of being a pancake, so I headed to the Oosterpoort and try to get in even though I had not previously requested a photo-pass. The good people of the Oosterpoort were nice enough to let me in anyway.

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Dotan, Royal Republic, Krystl and Tony Ebben @ Dauwpop 1/4

Ascension Day (a national Dutch holiday) holds two fine traditions. The first being Dew Treading; getting up at 5 past silly in the morning to sing and dance barefoot in the (dew holding) grass. This tradition has been around since the 5th century but is not as widely celebrated these days as it once was (who in his right mind gets up at 4 in the morning on a free day?). The other tradition is not yet as old -it started in 1995- but also involves singing and dancing. The hours the Dauwpop festival is keeping however are by far better.

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