Cicada Rhythm and Elliott Brood at Vanslag

Last Thursday there were no less then two concerts at the Vanslag. Canadian Elliott Brood was back for it’s fourth concert at the venue and Cicada Rhythm from America arrived for it’s first concert at the Borger church.

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Christopher Paul Stelling

One day after the Sven Hammond Soul gig in Groningen and an afternoon clearing out the forest near Oudemolen as a team-outing from work I was  tired, worn and also already back to the next gig. This time in Borger, back to Vanslag.

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Hackensaw Boys at Coco Maria

In the Netherlands concerts are usually held inside, but every once in a while -when the weather is good- you can find those magical open air places with just the perfect music for the location. On the first of June -when the weather was exceptionally well- the good folks of Roots on the Road and Coco Maria held a concert outside. With a setting sun, great music and a beautiful location the scene for a super concert was set!

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Chatham County Line in Vanslag

On Thursday February 9th the men of Chatham County Line came to Borger for an evening of true Bluegrass music. As it happens I’ve seen them before, a long long time ago. It was on the Take Root festival back in 2005. A time when I was just switching from analog photography to digital and I’m happy to see the guys of Chatham County Line have NOT done the same and are still playing true blue ‘analog’.

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Laura Gibson & Jenny Berkel in Vanslag

It’s been a busy few days, working on fences, setting up & testing my new Bianchi bicycle, testing a new lens, getting my X-Pro2 back from the factory… You’d almost forget the concert-season has started again, but it has and so on Friday september nine I was at Borger with the Roots on the Road concert by Laura Gibson and with Jenny Berkel opening.

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Eivor and Rachael Sage in Vanslag

It’s November eleventh, the annual celebration of Saint Marten with kids going from door to door carrying homemade lanterns singing songs for candy. But we didn’t have too much time for that as Vanslag had some musical treats in store.

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Chastity Brown at Vanslag

Late last year there was a concert in Veenhuizen, in a place called Coco Maria and to my shame I’ve never been there (yet!). Anyway, this particular concert was held by a certain woman called Chastity Brown and the concert was raved about afterwards, making me wish I’d gone even more. But as luck would have it the great people of Roots on the Road have managed to bring Chastity back. She’s in the Netherlands for three shows and between a concert in Amsterdam and performing on North Sea Jazz (another place I’m promising myself to go to year after year) Chastity came to the musical cathedral of the north: Vanslag!

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Oh Susanna in Vanderveen on RSD15

While I was enjoying the Vanessa Peters concert in the Groninger Museum on Friday evening, the Vanslag venue in Borger had Oh Susanna on stage. Oh well, you can’t be everywhere all the time and I was in luck as last Saturday it was international Record Store Day and Oh Susanna would play a set in my local record store, so I got to see them after all!

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Amy Speace, Cara Luft & B.J. Baartmans in Vanslag

It seems only days ago I was in Vanslag… oh wait, it was. But there’s still more lovely concerts there and this evening saw the return of Amy Speace whom I saw earlier this year together with Cara Luft and B.J. Baartmans.

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