Doug Seegers at Vanslag

Last weekend the annual Take Root festival was held in Groningen, an Americana festival that offers a stage to the wide variety of American music styles. Several musicians will take it as the start of a European music tour, others are already in Europe. Doug Seegers was already in the Netherlands and played at Vanslag the Thursday before

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Static Roots Festival 2019

This year halfway July was the fourth edition of the fantastic Static Roots Festival in Zentrum Altenberg in Oberhausen. A young festival that is growing and improving every year and as a result of that they SOLD OUT this year, a fantastic achievement and I’m really proud to have been a part of this great festival from the very beginning!

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Static Roots Festival 2018

This year marks the third year of a fantastic festival in Germany. Starting in 2016 as a one-off to mark the 50th birthday of it’s organizer Dietmar Leibecke, two editions on it feels like it’s always been here. It’s one of the musical highlights of my year, that’s for sure! Getting more attention around the world it’s certainly getting more noticed and I’ve been looking forwards to the festival for the past few months!

Welcome to Static Roots Festival 2018!

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Static Roots Festival 2017

The first edition of Static Roots Festival was held as a wish to organize a festival by organizer Dietmar and turning 50 was a great moment to do just that. It was such a great festival that even before the festival was over the cry to repeat the festival was heard and so this year we got the second edition of Static Roots Festival. This time both days in Zentrum Altenberg.

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The Static Roots Festival pre-fun

A long, long time ago, not far away from here (in the Witte Bal in Assen actually) I was taking photos at a concert by The Long Winters. It was back in 2004 and there I met Dietmar Leibecke and his wife Marion, who came all the way from Germany for that concert. Dietmar and I have kept in contact over the years via the Facebook and so learned about each others musical discoveries and concert-experiences. And now Dietmar has organised a festival of his own: the Static Roots Festival and he was kind enough to invite me.

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Vanessa Peters in ‘t Keerpunt

It’s been only four years since Vanessa Peters first toured the Netherlands. A suitcase, a backpack and a guitar and racing all over the Netherlands in public transport with Alex Akela supporting on bass, mandolin and violin. That was also the year that inspired ‘Drowning in Amsterdam’ as it rained for the whole duration she was here.

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Take Root 2010

It still a few months till the festival is held, but after reading a few Twitterposts of the Take Root festival I couldn’t help but post a blog about this upcoming festival.

More and more names are starting to be added to the line-up and after having been disappointed with the line-up of the past few festivals in this part of the Netherlands this year, the Take Root line-up is starting to look like the best line-up I’ve seen like… forever! The artists that have been named so far are just amazing and I really can’t wait for this years addition. The list isn’t final yet, but here are -in no particular order- a few names that have been made public:

– Isobel Campbell & Mark Lanegan (wow… that’s just so awesome)
– Phosphorescent (very curious to hear this, should be fantastic)
– Wilco (main act with long show)
– Iron & Wine (wanted to see this for so long, love this band)
– Black Mountain (psychedelic heavy rock, odd name in the list, but I love them)
– Damien Jurado (only seem him once, curious to see him again)
– Frank Fairfield (ought to be a great act)
– Carrie Rodriguez (loved her CD with Chip Taylor, can’t wait to see her on her own)

More names are to be added, but this on it’s own is already an awesome list and I do believe this to be one of the best line-ups of Take Root ever. September’s gonna be a great month :)