Vanessa Peters at Roodehaan

My history with Vanessa Peters goes back to May 2007, when I was just photographing for FileUnder for a little while and Vanessa had one of her first visits to the Netherlands. In a very unlikely Café Roezemoes in Groningen Vanessa tried to sing over the loud chatters of the visitors of the café (fun coincidence: Roezemoes is a translation for chatter).

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Dina Popma and Town of Saints in Roodehaan

Last Saturday, halfway through editing my Welcome to the Village photos I needed a break from the computer and so I… went an saw another concert. Well, that’s not really how it was. I was hugely impressed by Town of Saints at Welcome to the Village and seeing they were performing at Roodehaan Live in Warfhuizen was a perfect opportunity to go and see them again! And as an added bonus there was Dina Popma.

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