I almost bought myself another analog camera. Almost… Ever since my Rolleiflex camera has been diagnosed as a write-off being to expensive to repair, I wanted another Rolleiflex. I acutally do have a Rolleicord but in the end that’s just not the same.

Yesterday I visited Groningen and walked into the Sipkes camerastore as I do when I’m in Groningen. Checking the Fuji-display that didn’t feature the X-Pro2 yet, but does have the Fujinon 90mm I want. And a few displays next to that my eye caught the unmistakable features of a gorgeous looking Rolleiflex.  Complete with readycase, neckstrap, filters, cables and everything. I casually informed what that set might cost, fearing the worst and almost jumped in the air when I heard it merely costs 349 Euros. Almost bought it there and then.

However with a new X-Pro2 and a strong desire for it’s 90mm lens I have to show some self-constraint. For those interested… I think it’s a great camera and the price is awesome, but just because of that checking the lenses might be a good idea. My previous Rolleiflex had a destroyed film-advance so that is worth checking too. Still… for the money it is a stunningly beautiful camera (and the Hasselblad next to it ain’t bad either)

Gasterse Duinen with the Leica

When I arrived back from Italy last month, I hadn’t yet fully filled the film rolls in my cameras. What followed was a full week of terrible weather and I waited until the last weekend of my vacation to take a bicycle ride to Gasteren in Drenthe to shoot the last set of photos.

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Vacation musings

In previous years my vacations were aimed at staying in the bigger cities: Rome, New York, Paris, Barcelona… and I went on my own. This year will be the first vacation together with M. and we’re going to the Amalfi Coast! Quite a change in scenery but then it’s one I’m really happy with: for once no metropolitan cities but a more rural area with picturesque views. M. came with the suggestion of the Amalfi Coast and a search on Google quickly settled the matter: it simply looks awesome.

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My Rolleicord

I’ve sold my Hasselblad and had to give up a Rolleiflex that was going to be way to expensive to repair. But I did’t wanna give up on medium format photography just yet and so I put a roll of film through my very very old Rolleicord. A bit simpler then a Rolleiflex, but still a good camera. However I did dread the results of the film.

Turns out the images look fantastic. Nice crisp and sharp, no haze or anything. So although a really good Rolleiflex remains a wish-list item, for the moment I’ll very happily shoot my Rolleicord!

Rolleicord on test

With my Rolleiflex Automat camera gone forever I want to see how my (even older) Rolleicord manages, so took that for a ride today. Handles very well, all the variables are easily set. Will fill the roll soon to see how the results are and if it’s all good, it will go along to see the Amalfi coast (together with a Leica M6 and a Fujifilm X-Pro1)

Photographing cameras

Yesterday I decided I’d try my luck with some “studio-work” again. After the model cars I also have some old cameras and I started with a few of these to shoot some images of them. It’s pretty hard to do as long as I don’t have a decent fixed light setup and do everything with remote fired flashes. Also a dedicated background would do wonders and make the makeshift setup I now use obsolete. That’s something I want to do next and I’m working on some ideas for that.

But for now I’ll use what I have. And I shot some images of my old Rolleicord Twin Lens Reflex camera and of my Polaroid SX-70 Landcamera. Both are -in my opinion- truly beautifully crafted cameras, with their own personality.

Shooting some photos of the cameras was a challenge in it’s own right. I wanted to have them shown not to static (no straight up ‘mug-shots’). The Rolleicord being very black, I wanted to have the worn out semi rusted patches shown. The Polaroid is a formidable design and I wanted that to be visible. By placing it flat on the table, it just didn’t work, so I placed some stuff under the camera to have it elevated and placed it at an angle.

Editing afterwards proved difficult also as a lot of dust was visible (white backdrop didn’t help much there and the aperture I shot is shows absolutely every speck of dust on the sensor). So much patching up was needed. Also, the metallic parts of the camera easily blew out when working on a strong white background. And lastly, I was not able to clear out the corners behind the cameras that showed the end of the table and rising of the background. This because the shadows of the cameras (that were higher then the model cars I recently shot) were both on the table as on the background.

However, I am pleased with the results as they are. It’s a learning process and I hope I’ll be able to do better once I figure out how to implement some fixed lights and a better background (or buy a photography table)

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