PlatoSonic and Eurosonic Air

Eurosonic happened again this weekend and so the whole of Groningen was flooded with musicians, TV and Radio stations, promoters and loads of festival goers. around the official Eurosonic-festival there are lots and lots of little sub-festivals. Grunnsonic, Altersonic and Platosonic to name but a few. And then there’s the main stage Eurosonic Air with bigger acts playing free gigs there.

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Eurosonic on January 17 2014 – afternoon

I haven’t done much around Eurosonic this year, however I had an issue with my bicycle and cycled to Groningen taking my Fujifilm X-Pro1 with me and decided to check out a few of the acts that played in the afternoon. I mean… I was there anyway, would be a shame not to, right?

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Noorderslag Saturday – Platosonic

And as soon as Eurosonic had started, it was over. On Saturday all eyes turn to De Oosterpoort where in the evening only Dutch bands will perform at Noorderslag. New promising acts, bigger names with showcases and of course the traditional Popprijs-beershower. I’m again only doing Platosonic today but that too has a line-up of only Dutch bands today.

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Eurosonic Friday

Had a very short night after the Thursday-edition of Platosonic and Eurosonic Air editing photos for FileUnder, but the festival was only half way, so Friday afternoon we headed back to Groningen for lots more music.

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Eurosonic Thursday

As I’m unfortunately not doing the full on Eurosonic, I’m only visiting the Platosonic gigs this year. Luckily there’s a lot of fantastic music there as well. And it’s popular, the two location (record store Plato and neighbouring coffeestore Coffee Company) are loaded and it’s hard to get from one location to the other. At least… it is if you’re trying to find a decent spot to take some photos.

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Platosonic – Lola Kite, Moss and MakeBelieve

After three acts in the Coffee Company I thought it might be a good idea to head to Coffee Company’s neighbour and name-giver to the festival: Plato. The acts playing here were a bit louder than in the Coffee Company. Upon arrival I saw I’d missed Mi, Bubba and Me. Bit of a shame, I hope I’ll be able to see them in a while.

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Platosonic – Laura Jansen, The Bear That Wasn’t and Lara Runars

Although my part in Eurosonic 2011 ended after Wednesday-night I did go to the Platosonic event with the guys of FileUnder. PlatoSonic is a small but great event organised by recordstore Plato in conjunction with neighbouring coffeehouse Coffee Company. The Coffee Company had the quiet and acoustic acts, Plato the electrified full-rocking bands.

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PlatoSonic – Anne Soldaat, Bettie Serveert, DeWolff and Charlene

On Saturday, before Noorderslag started, we first visited the last PlatoSonic day. First into the Coffee Company to see Anne Soldaat finishing his set. A while ago I saw him in Vera with band. Great to see that the songs hold up so well when he plays them solo acoustically

As Anne’s set finished and he started the interview part of the show, I made my way into a very crowded Plato store where one of my all-time favorite Dutch bands was about to play. Bettie Serveert is back and is rocking again. Even in this very short in-store set (due to delay and a tight agenda). It was fantastic to see Bettie Serveert again. If I wouldn’t be able to see them at Noorderslag this night at least I’d seen them in Plato

I did not go back to the Coffee Company to whatever was playing there as Plato remained crowded and I wanted a good place to shoot the next band that would play there. DeWolff made it high into my albumlist of 2009. A bunch of young guys from the Netherlands playing psychedelic rock form the seventies. It was a good set, but to add a drum-solo in the first song of an already short in-store gig was a bit too much

After DeWolff I was able to get back to the Coffee Company where Charlene was about to start. Charlene came in third in the fourst edition of the Dutch Idols series. She’s a nice girl blessed with a good voice. The genre however isn’t really my thing

And now that was all done, the only thing that remained for Eurosonic/Noorderslag 2010 was Noorderslag!

PlatoSonic Friday – Jasper Erkens

On Friday we only saw one of the PlatoSonic in-store concerts: Seventeen year old Belgian singer/songwriter Jasper Erkens. He has a good thing going there and already has a great career in Belgium. We only caught the tail of the in-store in the Coffee Company, but I think we’ll be hearing a lot more from Jasper

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PlatoSonic Thursday

EuroSonic is an ever evolving festival in Groningen. Every year there are more and more ‘side-attractions’ and in-store performances. Record store Plate and neighboring Coffee shop ‘Coffee Company’ organised PlatoSonic; In-store gigs by and interviews with bands that were to perform at Eurosonic and Noorderslag. A very good way to start the day. Here are the first two performances of Thursday; Dutch band Pitch Blond and the Belgian Isbells: