Best concerts of 2011

As I’m looking back at 2011, I might as a well add a list of the concerts I’ve most enjoyed this year. Putting them in a numerical order is not really going to work, is instead I’ve chosen for an alphabetical order.

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The best albums of 2011 according to me

By the end of the year it’s traditional to look back at the past year and overflow every for of media with lists. And I’ll gladly add to that pile. Although making a list of the best albums of a year always feels like comparing apples and oranges (to many different genres), here’s a list of the albums I loved the most this past year.

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Pien Feith in De Spieghel

While I was preparing to go and see Gabby Young in De Oosterpoort, I saw a passing tweet by Pien Feith that she’d play in Groningen that same evening at the Jonge Harten Festival. That was too good an opportunity to pass on and so after the gig by Gabby I walked over to Jazzcafe De Spieghel, well in time for Pien’s gig.

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Hurts and Pien Feith in De Oosterpoort

I first saw Pien Feith at the opening evening of Eurosonic this year, in café Warhol. I already knew her from Neonbelle and The Very Sexuals, but she was about to release the album ‘Dance On Time’ under her own name. Light was difficult in Warhol so I was very pleased to see her return to Groningen as opening act to the English electro-pop duo Hurts.

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Eurosonic – Annasaid, Dry The River and Pien Feith

Onwards with Eurosonic, the second part of Wednesday night: According to the schedule we worked from we headed to the Grand Theater to see Ólöf Arnalds. However, due to some changes to the schedule Ólöf Arnalds had already finished. Not the end of the world for my companion, who’d see her the next evening, but this was my one and only chance! Oh well, couldn’t be helped, we headed back to De Spiegel to see Annasaid. Energetic pop music from Denmark and it was great to watch. Again the light in the venue was terrific, no complaints there

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