Barcelona in March 2017

It’s March and it has been two months since I was with Monica. And as it’s just been my birthday it’s a really good idea to celebrate it a bit longer in Barcelona.

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Starting the new year in Barcelona

Ending 2015 in Barcelona with Monica was a great way to celebrate the beginning of of a new year and so why not repeat it? Luckily Monica agreed, so for the last few days of 2016 and the first four of 2017 I was in Barcelona again.

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The Horizon 202 camera back in action

Some time ago I was talking to my girlfriend about the fantastic panoramic photos that Jeff Bridges (aka ‘The Dude’) makes with a panorama camera and that sparked the desire to remove the dust from my Horizon 202 camera. I’ll be heading to Barcelona again soon and it would be fun to bring this camera with me, but I needed to be sure it works.

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Vacation in New York

I just spent a week in New York on vacation. Lots of impressions and a fantastic week. New York is huge, not only in height and very surreal coming from a small town in the Netherlands.

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Bijzonder Beeckestijn in Velsen-Zuid

My friend Yvonne Graver got to expose her paintings at the arts&crafts fair Bijzonder Beeckestijn in Velsen-Zuid, but needed a car and driver to get her work there. So I got to go to Bijzonder Beeckestijn too :)

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I’ve been making some ‘Virtual panoramas’ for a short while now, posting the results on my secondary website. And though I love creating these virtual scenes, the disadvantage of these panoramas however is that they can only be seen online. You can’t print them or hang them on the wall. And I wanted to do something more with the photos I had. A stand on an art-fair a short while ago sparked an idea: Hyperbolics. I had already played with this idea a little bit with an image of the square in Groningen, but I can do so much more with the images I already have.

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