Noorderzon day 4

There was lots and lots of music at Noorderzon again on Sunday. Starting with a huge line of people outside the Spiegeltent waiting to get in. Not much change of getting a ticket for Sun Kil Moon then. Fortunately there were more then enough other options. Starting with a bit of culture.

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Noorderzon day 3

The Noorderzon 2014 edition is in full swing again with lots of activities, interesting eating and drinking locations and of course art, theater and lots of music. Having missed the first two days I started on Saturday with a few terrific concerts.

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Noorderzon August 21

Noorderzon is well underway and actually already halfway. This is also my first day of 4 weeks of vacation. Had a few things to take care of, but I absolutely wanted to attend today’s edition of Noorderzon. When I arrived I was astonished to see the enormous line of people waiting to get into the Ophelia tent, where the performance “Post Presents Post / Who’s the best?” was about to start.

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Noorderzon August 17

I went back for my second day of Noorderzon on Saturday. Arrived well and early to just take in the atmosphere of the festival. Relax, see the sights and have a bit of fun. See people, eat a bit and oh… see awesome music of course!

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Noorderzon August 15

On August 15 Noorderzon in Groningen got started again, 11 days of theater, dance, art, all types of food and music. If you live in Groningen, you cannot not go. It’s a fantastic festival and a perfect opportunity for me to try out my Fujifilm X-Pro1 camera under harsher conditions.

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Gabby Young & Other Animals @ Noorderzon

I saw Gabby a while ago in De Oosterpoort. A lovely gig for a rather small selected crowd, but a very energetic and good humoured girl that easily won over the audience. So I was thrilled to see she’d be back in Groningen and on the main stage of Noorderzon no less. I was very curious to see how that would work.

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Of Monsters And Men at Noorderzon

I didn’t know the band (hardly ever listen to radio and can’t remember when I last actually watched MTV, does that even still exist?), but I do have my antennas out for interesting names and Of Monsters And Men raised a buzz. And so last night I -finally- went to Noorderzon.

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Picknick in het Plantsoen in Groningen

On Monday the 28th of May -Whit Monday- there were still many more festivals. Pinkpop was about to work up to the main act (Bruce Springsteen), Ribs&Blues was far from done, but I chose to check out the park in Groningen where wishfulmusic held it’s second ‘Picknick in het Plantsoen’

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Irene Wiersma and Frank Turner at Noorderzon

It’s late August and after a summer stop Noorderzon in Groningen marks the beginning of the second concert season. It’s a great festival with lots of art, theatre and of course: music. I wasn’t able to attend much this year, but I was not going to miss Irene Wiersma on Sunday August 21 and having Frank Turner on the same night was just bliss.

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Don Fiasko and Beans & Fatback at Noorderzon

My last night at Noorderzon took me to two bands that both showed a lot of fun and enthusiasm on stage. First I headed to the Spiegeltent. I was a bit too late and found Don Fiasko already fully at it and had already won the crowd over. It’s hard to describe this rowdy crowd. On Internet I found them to be described as an afro-latino-electro-kitsch fanfare and I guess that will do for a large part. Personally I’d add a Japanese cabaret group somewhere in there.

It’s a large group and with two cameramen recording the whole thing it’s a miracle they all fit on the stage. But they had fun, they knew how to make a party and the visitors sang, danced and jumped to the beats. What a gig

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It was a long and cold wait, sitting at the pond without a jacked and with only a T-shirt (what was I thinking), but man was I glad I did (wait that is, not the forgetting a jacket part). Beans & Fatback is a mixture of blues, country and soul with a rich dose of funk. Just the thing to warm up a shivering crowd. Keyboardplayer and percussionist Gerhardt got the crowd warmed up well in advance of the show and continued playing on them during the gig, the duo drummers in the back made for a terrific rhythm section. Actually the whole band was great and they too looked like having a lot of fun on stage. I only wished bassplayer Jet faced the crowd a bit more, would have made it easier to take some photos ;) Beans & Fatback will play at the Oosterpoort again in about a month, I’ll try and see them again there, had a great time here

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HEALTH and Sleepy Sun at Noorderzon

On Wednesday I went to Groningen again for my third night of Noorderzon. However, I started at the Vera venue. This was the best location possible for HEALTH, a noise rock band that actually defies categorization. It was loud, very loud. It took me a few minutes to get in the right frame of mind, but once I did, I really loved it. It was mostly about groove and rhythm. Light was tough though, set very low and with the band members dancing and jumping all over the stage, even at high ISO speeds it was difficult to get any decent shots

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After the gig it was quite a hike to get to the Noorderplanstoen in time for the next gig; Sleepy Sun on the DokĀ  stage. Of course when I got there, it was very crowded all around the pond, but I slowly made my way to a spot where I at least was able to take some pictures.

Sleepy Sun as a band is fantastic psychedelic rockband. Black Mountain sprang to mind, also a bit of Pink Floyd. Lots of jamming moments and great songs. Had a great time

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Blaudzun and Mdungu at Noorderzon

Last night I went to Noorderzon again (it lasts 11 days but I can’t attend them all). This evening had two other new and interesting bands for me. First of back to the Spiegeltent again for Dutch singer/songwriter Blaudzun (named after a Danish cyclist). The venue was already well filled when I got there, but luckily I managed to squirm myself in there and found a low angle front-row place. It was steaming hot in there, so wearing a long sleeved shirt was maybe not such a good idea.

The band entered the stage not much later and also quickly called for towels, sweat streaming off of their foreheads. Musically it was wonderful. Great songs both from the EP and the album by Blaudzun. Singer/guitarist Johannes Sigmond is well recognizable with his glasses and intense black hair. As for the lights at the gig… well, that was a bit less helpful. It was so darn dark red I was unable to make anything else out of the photos than greyscaled images. Not that that is a bad thing, it’s just that I’d prefer it as an option rather then a mandatory choice and also I prefer to see a bit more colour at a gig than only lots of red

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After the Blaudzun gig it was nice to get outside in the fresh air again and I managed to find a great spot for the gig at the open air stage. Based in the Netherlands, but with mambers of different nationalities, Mdungu plays Jazz orientated African music. It was swinging and so was the audience after two songs. On both sides of the pond and way in the back people danced to the fantastic sounds of this band. What a difference to Thursdays act. This was a fantastic gig and I loved it. Also the lights were fantastic so I was able to take some shots from various angles. A great band with a fantastic vibe

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Laura Veirs and Surfer Blood at Noorderzon

It’s been nearly two months since I last saw a gig, so the start of Noorderzon 2010 was much anticipated. Opening act (for me at least) was Laura Veirs and the Hall of Flames playing in the Spiegeltent. This gig had sold out well in advance and after picking up my tickets at the Kiosk I stood in a long line awaiting the opening of the tent.

Luckily for me it was mostly crowded in the back so there was enough room to move around in the front to take some photos. The gig was wonderful. I had wanted to see Laura for some time and was very happy that she stopped by here for her short European tour. They played a lot of songs and all members of the band performed wonderfully. I really liked Laura’s stage-performance and hope she’ll come around again soon

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The Spiegeltent hosts paid-for concerts, but at the festival area there’s also a great autdoors free gigs stage, the Dommelsch stage Het Dok. This stage is set at a pond, the audience is to sit along the shore of the pond. It puts you way back from the performing band, but the view is fantastic.

First band here was Surfer Blood. I’d heard a lot of positive things about this band in advance and was looking forward to seeing them. What a shame that they didn’t live up to it for me. It sounded to much of a formula-band to me. Can’t really put my finger on it, but I wasn’t grabbed by them. Shooting photos over the pond was quite hard, but that’s where a 100-400mm lens comes in handy :)

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