Leendert and Cast Glass in the Synagog

Last Friday seemed like the start of the fall-season in concert land. Various venues in Groningen had gigs going on, Vanslag in Borger had a great act and in The highest region of the province of Groningen Richard Bolhuis of House of Cosy Cusions had an art-symbiosis mixing images and sound in ‘ Twijduuster’  in the town Kloosterburen. However I had planned on visiting my friends of wishfulmusic weeks before as they had another show in the Synagog of Groningen with two terrific acts.

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Cross-Linx festival

The fantastic festival Cross-linx that mixes classical music with avant-garde, indie music was due for it’s 2014 edition and it had two names on the bill that ranked very high up in my wanna-see list for some time now: Dutch harpist Lavinia Meijer and Shara Worden as My Brightest Diamond. Merely two names of an impressive list and a schedule that was hell bent on making the visitors make some impossible decisions.

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Noorderzon August 17

I went back for my second day of Noorderzon on Saturday. Arrived well and early to just take in the atmosphere of the festival. Relax, see the sights and have a bit of fun. See people, eat a bit and oh… see awesome music of course!

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