My Leica M6 system

Long ago in a galaxy far away I once started with a few analog Canon EOS cameras. Thanks to that I learned all about apertures and shutter settings, but creatively I’ve learned the most in photography the moment I joined the digital SLR revolution. However even though I owe much to those cameras, after 12, 13 years for me photography became rather a dull activity and I started to really loose interest. As I like both the product of photography as the mechanism that makes it work, I needed something to get me spiced up again.

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77 Bombay Street in Vanslag

Last year 77 Bombay Street toured the Netherlands as well and opened for Kensington in Vanslag then. Now they’re back doing a small promo-tour through the Netherlands and  for their final concert here they came back to Vanslag in Borger for what would turn out to be a fantastic evening.

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Leica Elmar-C 90mm on X-Pro1 test

Wanted to try out the ‘new’ 1973 Leica Elmar-C 90mm lens and the quickest results are of course on the Fujifilm X-Pro1, so I mounted the lens on the X-Pro1 and went for a walk tonight.

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