The south of Italy, a little slice of (Espresso) heaven

It was high time for a vacation and having visited the bigger cities the last few years for my vacations and Barcelona being a second home of some sorts by now, both M. and I wanted to go somewhere that really felt like a vacation. Away from the busy city life that Barcelona and Assen (ahum) are and  find beautiful places to visit.

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Vacation musings

In previous years my vacations were aimed at staying in the bigger cities: Rome, New York, Paris, Barcelona… and I went on my own. This year will be the first vacation together with M. and we’re going to the Amalfi Coast! Quite a change in scenery but then it’s one I’m really happy with: for once no metropolitan cities but a more rural area with picturesque views. M. came with the suggestion of the Amalfi Coast and a search on Google quickly settled the matter: it simply looks awesome.

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Viva Italia 2015

Last Sunday the TT Circuit in Assen was home again to Viva Italia; the celebration of Italian cars. They did this in combination with a Supercar Sunday event. However I don’t much care for ‘Supercars’ (fast engines under a windtunnel-shaped carbon fiber shell and bucket seats) so I marvelled at the historical cars that were far more ‘super’ to me.

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La vita è bella a Lucca

Last year I went to New York on my own, flew to Cracow with a colleague and visited Gran Canaria with the family and thought that it would be a few years before I’d go on three trips in one year again. How wrong I was… This year I’ve visited a rainy Paris, visited lovely Northern England with friends there and shortly after that I was about to set of on a whole other adventure.

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UFOMammut and Zolle in Vera

While I’m still working on the photos I took on vacation in Italy (will be online soon) concert-season has begun again and last Sunday I went to see two Italian bands in Vera (nice link to the vacation don’t you think?). There’s nothing like an evening of loud psychedelic stoner rock to get back into the concert-photography game!

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I’ve been making some ‘Virtual panoramas’ for a short while now, posting the results on my secondary website. And though I love creating these virtual scenes, the disadvantage of these panoramas however is that they can only be seen online. You can’t print them or hang them on the wall. And I wanted to do something more with the photos I had. A stand on an art-fair a short while ago sparked an idea: Hyperbolics. I had already played with this idea a little bit with an image of the square in Groningen, but I can do so much more with the images I already have.

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