Bianchi and windmills

My girlfriend loves windmills and so whenever I run into one, I try to get  a shot of my bike and a windmill in my rides. As it was National Windmill Day in the Netherlands last Sunday they’re all looking at their best now :)

Windmill at Paterswoldsemeer
Windmill just outside of Zuidlaren
Windmill in Oude Pekela

Lots of photos of my rides in 2017 over here.

The ride goes on

It might seem a bit like an addiction, or that I’m a bit nuts… both are probably right. But hey… as long as we have good weather and there’s some light to go out cycling after work… why not? So after yesterday’s 120km ride, I took it a bit easy tonight and stayed just onder 60km. The views were gorgeous again.

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More cycling

I really ought to get back to shooting the X-Pro2 soon, it’s just that on sunny Sundays like yesterday the Bianchi is way more attractive then any camera could ever be. And the iPhone 6S might not be as good, it is light and as it’s used for GPS-tracking it’s also always with me. So a few more iPhone shots from the road then!

A couple more after the break:

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A Friday afternoon ride on Achielle

After two weeks of rides on the Bianchi, my Achielle Sam was starting to feel neglected (and rightly so, that Bianchi is a slice of Italian heaven!) so I took the Achielle for a ‘relaxing’ ride this afternoon. That is… relaxing according to my standards!

A few more photos after the break

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Vintage cameras and iPhonography

I’ve added some photos to various locations on my sites. In the first place, having received some new cameras for my vintage camera collection I have took some photos of the cameras and added those to my site over here. I’ve also taken some photos with my vintage cameras, but as the films haven’t been fully filled just yet, I’ll have to wait a bit to get them developed. New to the collection are an Olympus Pen EE camera and an old Russion Zorki 4 camera. newer than the Zorki 1E I already had and it works a lot smoother. The Zorki 4 feels lovely in operation.

Besides the old there is also the new. I’ve started experimenting a bit with my iPhone as a camera. The results are very interesting. I was amazed at the quality of basic images, but the fun of the iPhone is fooling around with the various image editing programs. Hipstamatic as a LOMO application is great, but combining the Apple Camera app or ProHDR or ProCamera with applications such as FilmLab, Photoshop Express, PictureShow or ColorSplash makes for some amazing results. And the Flickr app makes is very easy to upload the photos to Flickr. So you ca do all the work withing the iPhone. That’s just amazing. I’ve uploaded my first results and started a set on Flickr to keep the results together in a group. The first few photos are available over here.

In other news: I have my next appointment with the doctor concerning my ears next Wednesday. Hopefully then I’ll know more about getting back into concert-photography. Will keep you updated on that.