Drentsch Peil in Vanslag

In the third weekend of September Drentsch Peil -a showcase for new bands from the province of Drenthe- came to Borger to play at Vanslag. A perfect opportunity to see what’s up and coming in my province and to see the good people of Vanslag again at the beginning of the new season.

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FestiValderAa – Saturday

In the beautiful nature reserve Drentsche Aa, right at the outer edge of Schipborg in Drenthe, only a stones-throw away from where I live (really, I cycle past it all the time) the festival FestiValderAa is held. I found out about that last year, but missed it due to other activities so I made sure I’d be there this year.

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Record Store Day 2014

Record Store Day is of course a joy for music lovers all over the world. Special vinyl releases, re-releases of old and obscure records and loads of instore concerts by various bands. As usual, I visited Assen and Groningen.

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Eurosonic Air Thursday

Now I could have packed my things and go home after Platosonic as I didn’t get to visit the endless amount of Eurosonic gigs that were held all over Groningen, but luckily there are a lot of gigs going on around the festival where you don’t actually need a Eurosonic ticket. Most of them however also don’t have a lot of light or simply hadn’t started when I got there. So enter Eurosonic Air: a big stage on the main square of Groningen where some of the bigger names were programmed for a full gig.

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Schradinova and Zaza in Vera

There have been a good deal of great concerts in Groningen lately. And although it’s hard to keep up a schedule like the last two weeks, going cold turkey over night isn’t really working either, so I was very happy to see that Schradinova was coming to Vera. With Zaza opening for her no less!

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