Christopher Paul Stelling and Ha Ha Tonka in Vanslag

Last Friday I was back in Borger again, this time for a gig in the Roots on the Road series. They had a great band on with Ha Ha Tonka and opened with a set by New York based Christopher Paul Stelling.

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Plato Planet 2011 2/2

Plato Planet 2011 was far from over as there were still three acts to see. So after the set by the Pioneers of Love I headed back to the “Kleine zaal” that was already getting crowded in the front rows.

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Deerhoof and Svetkoff Lamps in Vera

It has been a while since my last gig and so was looking extra forwards to see Deerhoof play in Vera on April 28. I had already seen some photos and read some reviews and it seemed like a great and odd band to visit.

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Me & Stupid in Vera

Last year Carol van Dijk and Peter Visser of Bettie Serveert fame were asked to go to Australia and record an album for the ‘In A Cabin With‘ project. The idea is to write a bunch of songs and record them with local musicians in a few days time. Often with the ‘In A Cabin With’ projects, musicians of different bands are put together creating completely new bands, this time Carol and Peter went together returning with a bunch of songs written under the bandname ‘Me & Stupid’. With Carol on vocals and guitar and Peter on guitar, the album was bound to have a strong Bettie Serveert feel. Is that a bad thing? Heck no! I love the Betties.

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