Granada & Sevilla in 2016

Monica and I are planning a vacation to Guatemala later this year, but we can’t just let the summer pass without a vacation so we found a great destination in the south of Spain. A new location for us with loads of different architectural buildings and plazas to discover and it’s hot hot hot!

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Barcelona – my home away from home

As my love had visited me in May and we’re to go on vacation in September, the end of June was a good moment for a visit to Barcelona and see M. before my colleagues vacations start in July. And so Wednesday evening on the 24th I travelled to Barcelona once more to find M. waiting for me at the airport

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Dani Nel.lo in Luz de Gas – Barcelona

When I first visited my girlfriend in Barcelona in January this year, we attended a concert in Jamboree by Dani Nel.lo. As I had planned another visit to M. the past week I saw that Dani was playing again. This time in Luz de Gas and it seemed a good plan to go to another Dani Nel.lo concert as we’d both enjoyed it a lot the first time.

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Barcelona March 2015

Spending my Birthday with my girlfriend would be the best way to turn 39, so even though I ‘d just visited Barcelona in January, I flew back on February 28 to spend a few more days in that beautiful city. Escaping the cold weather in the Netherlands was a good reason too :)

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Five gigs in Barcelona

I spent my birthday with my girlfriend in Barcelona and she treated me to no less then 5 concerts in my short stay, 3 of them on my birthday. With concerts like this it’s harder and harder to leave Barcelona every time.

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Barcelona January 2015

In January I visited that beautiful city of Barcelona again, escaping the cold wintery weather of the Netherlands. Only for a few days this time, but the city is an incredible place that still has many secrets to reveal.

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Barcelona 2014

Huge metropolitan cities have a vibe of their own. Not only is there a normal daily routine, but the constant invasion of tourists make the city buzz with anticipation, activities 24/7. Having visited Rome, Paris and New York, I now (finally) visited Barcelona and I loved it! Every minute of it.

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What’s In The Bag?

As an avid reader of JapanCameraHunter‘s blog and in particular the section ‘ What’s in the bag?” where photographers allow a little peak into their various camera-bags, I thought it would be a fun idea to share mine. Especially as I am now finally able -as so many of JCH’s blogposts do- to include an actual Leica :) This then is the setup that will accompany me to and into Barcelona.

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La vita è bella a Lucca

Last year I went to New York on my own, flew to Cracow with a colleague and visited Gran Canaria with the family and thought that it would be a few years before I’d go on three trips in one year again. How wrong I was… This year I’ve visited a rainy Paris, visited lovely Northern England with friends there and shortly after that I was about to set of on a whole other adventure.

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A short vacation in England

As I finally got my four weeks of vacation approved I started thinking about what I was to do. Being invited by my lovely friends from England for a few days was just the right thing at the perfect moment. After discussing details on arrival and departure I booked my tickets that very same evening.

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Kat Men and The Sour Mash Trio in The Cluny

Having only just arrived in England, the best way to get acclimatized to the country is of course to start and see a band. So on the first evening in Engeland my lovely hosts took me to The Cluny in Newcastle Upon Tyne to see the Kat Men, a rockabilly band with members of Imelda May’s band and Slim Jim Phantom of the Stray Cats.

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Citytrip to Paris or “Les Vacances de monsieur KJGuch”

I’m starting to get the hang of vacationing. Took me a while, but the pieces are slowly starting to fit together. And so it was a good idea to have short city-trip at the end of May. The chosen destination: Paris!

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Citytrip to Cracow / Poland in July

Back in January I was talking to a colleague of mine who takes a keen interest in the history of the 2nd World War and who very much still wanted to visit the Auschwitz concentration camp. Since that’s an emotional trip it’s better to do it with friend or family member so you can talk about the experience afterwards. I haven’t got as much interest in it as my colleague has, but I do think it’s well worth a visit so we set about to arrange the trip.

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Vacation in New York

I just spent a week in New York on vacation. Lots of impressions and a fantastic week. New York is huge, not only in height and very surreal coming from a small town in the Netherlands.

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