Preuvenement Assen

In a rush to get everything in order for the vacation, I failed to finish the review on Preuvenement, the cultural season-start of the autumn/winter time in Assen. On two outstandingly bright and sunny days we saw a mixture of music and lots and lots of culinary treats in the Gouverneurstuin in Assen.

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The Afterveins and Zazi at Axis Festival

After a good nights rest recovering from the Hammond mayhem from Friday, I returned to the Axis Festival on Saturday afternoon to view two more terrific concerts, both very different, still both extremely enjoyable.

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Orgel Vreten

At the end of 2012 I saw Orgel Vreten in Vera, one of the most enjoyable gigs in a long time as it combined incredible muscianship with endless Hammond-solos and tons of enthusiasm and fun on stage, and all that with a groove you can can dance to. And they’re back!

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