A short review on 2016 and a small insight in 2017?

As the year draws to an end I’ve been thinking over the many activities over the past year. New experiences, great moments, a few lesser moments and oh so many photos.

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For the vacation that is up ahead I’m traveling with a slightly different set this time. The main thing is one ‘all-purpose-lens’ that will prevent lens-swapping.

It’s taken quite some time to fit this bag together as I’ll be on a trip far far away and I do not want to miss any great shots. However bringing all of my prime lenses will simply distract too much from enjoying the vacation. That said… there is only so much I can do without (at least, that is what I told myself) so some items simply are necessary.

I will be taking a backpack this time instead of a messenger bag because I’ll mainly use the 18-135mm lens and won’t need to swap lenses. The backpack will hold most of the other items as far as I need them with me.

Of course the X-Pro2 will come along. And I will use the 18-135 lens as my main lens. It means that I will loose some of the shallow depth shots, but on the other hands I won’t miss shots swapping lenses. The 14mm is an extra for some specific shots if I run into the opportunity.

The X100 is my backup and might be helpful if the X-Pro2 and the big lens are ‘just too much’ or for some low light photos (the 23mm 2.0 lens is hard to beat).

I’ll also bring two Hoya ND filters and a polariser for the 18-135mm. I hope to have some time and a few beautiful locations for a bit of artistic photography. Further I’ll bring my small Fujifilm flash as I’ve missed enough photos simply because I forgot to bring the flash.

For stable shots I have a mini Manfrotto tripod and a normal one from Mefoto, both very well to carry around.

And of course there my iPhone for the ‘on hand shots’. The iPad is handy for some reading in the resting times here and there, but also as a mini photo-editor and posting some photos when we happen upon a bit of WiFi.

I’ll bring lots of Sandisk cards and batteries and a battery pack to keep the devices going and going and going. In the ‘Visible Dust’ pouch there is a little maintenance kit and the lower left item is a 3000 lumen flashlight.

Now give me 10 to 15 minutes to throw some clothes together in a suitcase and I’m done :)

What’s In The Bag?

As an avid reader of JapanCameraHunter‘s blog and in particular the section ‘ What’s in the bag?” where photographers allow a little peak into their various camera-bags, I thought it would be a fun idea to share mine. Especially as I am now finally able -as so many of JCH’s blogposts do- to include an actual Leica :) This then is the setup that will accompany me to and into Barcelona.

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Fujifilm X-Pro1

When Fujifilm released the X100 in 2010, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it. The hybrid viewfinder, the retro look, terrific 23mm lens. It seemed perfect. Especially as a camera to take everywhere. Unfortunately the wake-up time of the camera is dreadful, but otherwise it is a terrific little extra camera. However… the fixed 23mm lens is a bit too limiting as I also like wide-angle photos and a bit of tele. So my DSLR’s were far from obsolete.

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Help! Gearhead going on holiday

I love my Canon gear, I really do! But there are time I envy those with a compact camera, or with a DSLR with a 18-200mm all-in-one lens. When they go on holiday the choice in camera(s) is pretty clear: they take what they have. Simple as that and no reason to second guess your choice.

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10 year anniversary

April 14 2001 marked the day that a new career started, it was my first successful shoot at a concert (Dilana Smith in a café in Balkbrug). After four completely disastrous shoots in a short period before, I swapped a fully manual Olypmus for a brand-spanking new Canon EOS 300 with a 28-200 Tamron lens (with autofocus) and took my first successful photos that evening. I don’t think they’d make the final selection these days, but back then I was hugely impressed.

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Good times, bad times

I just noticed it’s been over a month since my last update on the website. In photography I have to admit nothing much has happened the last month. Concerts in my region have been at a standstill and I’ve invested my time in another hobby of mine: cycling. Bought a new racing bicycle and have been on that as much as possible for about 4 weeks now and it was bliss. So once the concerts start going again, at the very least I’ll be in good shape.

In about two weeks the Noorderzon festival in Groningen will start. A festival that combines theatre, dance, music, literature and film and is held from the 19th of august till the 29th. Unfortunately I’ll not be able to attend all evenings (there’s a daytime job that needs some attention too), but I’m currently looking into a schedule that will allow me to see the more interesting concerts. All in all it promises to be a great program and a fantastic start to the new season.

Yesterday also my Canon EF100-400mm lens  was returned to me and now works just fine again. I might take it out for a spin this weekend at the Rizla Racing Day event at the TT Circuit, weather providing.

So far for the good times. Unfortunately one cannot go without some bad times too and I was gutted yesterday when my 15mm fisheye lens fell -with a loud CLUNK- on the street. Glass seems to be OK, but the electronics are no longer responding and manual focus doesn’t run smooth. So I’ll have to send that in for repair in the hope it will return quickly as I use the lens for concerts, panoramas and what not (however -seeing as my EF100-400 was gone for a month- I’m afraid this will take some time too).

Anyway, the season’s about to start again and I’ll be adding new blogposts soon :)

Jinbei photographic table

Now that I’ve also started doing some product photography, I wanted a decent photographic table (and so stop risking damaging my coffee table ;)). Didn’t want anything too shabby, but also not one costing a fortune, as it is till a hobby (of some sorts). So looking around I found a Jinbei table, 75cm width and 100cm long that looked the business, ordered it last week and received it yesterday. Building it was like camping all over again, but with Chinese (or Korean) instructions. Having it finally installed I realized that it didn’t really fit in well with the other furniture in the livingroom and that it was rather larger then I had imagined. I’d have to think about the setup and where to put it a bit.

After a goods night sleep I decided on the attic. No longer my computer area, it is a perfect space for it and not in any way in the way of anything else. So after a little bit of deconstructing an reconstructing I got the whole device up two floors and now have a perfect location for product photography and am very happy with it. Now if only the weather wasn’t this good I’d be in the attic all day :)

Here is the setup and some quickly made test photos

[flickr]tag:KJGuch+jinbei230510@Klaas / KJGuch.com[/flickr]

I promise I’ll clean up a bit over there and I still need a good setup of continuous light. Haven’t got a good idea for that yet, but I am getting there and that’s what matters :)

Camera gear – Canon EF 100-400mm lens

Yesterday I received the Canon EF 100-400mm lens that I ordered for sports photography, mainly motorcycle races and hopefully also soccer and other sports. I ordered it a bit ahead of my personal planning, but seeing as April will have Easter Races on the TT Circuit and aalso the Superbike (at the end of the month) I thought it to be a shame wait getting the lens.

I’ve got a good week to get a feel for the lens and then I’ll really put it to the test next weekend with the Easter Races. And it surely is a lens that I’ll have to get to terms with. At the shortest distance (the 100mm zoom) the lens isn’t that long, but zoomed out to 400mm the lens is one heck of a long lens.

Camera gear – Nodal Ninja 3

I’ve been reading about panorama photos for a while and like the shots you can get with the right gear. And then suddenly I found this Nodal Ninja set. It’s affordable and looks like great fun to use. So as my birthday is creeping nearer, I decided I’d allow myself this set as my birthday present. The company I usually order my gear at, had it ‘on order’ for a while now, so when I found it to be on stock at a different company and for the same price, I decided to not take any chance and order it. It’s a bit early so I’m not allowed to play with it very much yet, but hey; I did get my own personal panorama kit today :D

The images aren’t perfect, but I wanted to show what it looks like. I’ll try some panorama pictures soon, when I find the time.

The full name of this kit is “Nodal Ninja 3 MKII + RD8 Rotator“. The Nodal Ninja 3 part is the bracketing system to install the camera on, the RD8 is the lower part; the rotating head. The RD8 uses a screw to turn in a specific amount of degrees (from 20 to 120).