More cycling

I really ought to get back to shooting the X-Pro2 soon, it’s just that on sunny Sundays like yesterday the Bianchi is way more attractive then any camera could ever be. And the iPhone 6S might not be as good, it is light and as it’s used for GPS-tracking it’s also always with me. So a few more iPhone shots from the road then!

A couple more after the break:

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Marike Jager in Hempens and Leegkerk

As mentioned on previous posts Marike Jager is currently on tour in the Netherlands visiting churches rather then stages to promote her album The Silent Song, keeping the sound and atmosphere of the songs closer to that of the recording of the album. And I am incredibly grateful to Marike for allowing me to photograph a few of her concerts. As Marike is currently enjoying a weekend with very fine weather and two sold out gigs on the island Schiermonnikoog, I finally finished two sets of photos of the previous weekend.

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Welcome to the Village – Sunday

On Sunday the third and last day of Welcome to the Village arrived. And though the festival would end a few hours earlier than on Saturday, the amount of bands I wanted to see was actually bigger. A day to pick up the pace then :)

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Welcome to the Village – Saturday

Welcome to the Village is a ‘new generation’ festival organized in Leeuwarden. Not so much focussing on a huge main act, but on a good strong concept: a festival-area that was set-up like… well, like a village. A square where you can grab a bite to eat (local -organic, ecological- products) or get a massage and a little out of the way a tent where Groningen’s Vera was pressing shirts and bags in Welcome to the Village style. Around this and some other attractions were 5 stages. Two for the bigger acts and 3 for various other interesting acts. All acts fitting to some extent under an alternative/indie moniker. And if it got too hot you could always sit on a beach of take a dive in the lake. An easy going festival with an easy going hip young crownd: Welcome to the Village!

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