Eurosonic Drenthe preview in Vanslag

In less than a week Eurosonic/Noorderslag will be all over Groningen again: the musical showcase of Europe where all up and coming bands from all over Europe will perform in every location that can have a stage. So it’s nice that a few Dutch bands can have a little extra exposure in some preview-shows. At Vanslag five band from Drenthe had the opportunity to present themselves and as a bonus Hanna Mae performed with band.

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Eurosonic preview @ Vanslag

In a few days Eurosonic is going to start again in Groningen and with so many bands -from all over Europe- playing in Groningen, it’s easy to overlook some of them and for that reason alone it’s great that in the day’s before it starts ┬áthere are some preview shows. In Vanslag in Borger last night they showcased 7 acts from the province of Drenthe that will all play at Eurosonic-Noorderslag next week.

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PlatoSonic and Eurosonic Air

Eurosonic happened again this weekend and so the whole of Groningen was flooded with musicians, TV and Radio stations, promoters and loads of festival goers. around the official Eurosonic-festival there are lots and lots of little sub-festivals. Grunnsonic, Altersonic and Platosonic to name but a few. And then there’s the main stage Eurosonic Air with bigger acts playing free gigs there.

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Eurosonic on January 17 2014 – afternoon

I haven’t done much around Eurosonic this year, however I had an issue with my bicycle and cycled to Groningen taking my Fujifilm X-Pro1 with me and decided to check out a few of the acts that played in the afternoon. I mean… I was there anyway, would be a shame not to, right?

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Welcome to the Village – Sunday

On Sunday the third and last day of Welcome to the Village arrived. And though the festival would end a few hours earlier than on Saturday, the amount of bands I wanted to see was actually bigger. A day to pick up the pace then :)

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Dame Flux in Vera

Last week Dame Flux: the artist formerly known as Flux (and Irene Wiersma if you really get to know her) together with musical partner Corneel Canters presented her latest album and where else then Vera to have the album-release? The crowd was fittingly welcomed with champagne as the album is called… ‘ Champagne’.

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Kyteman Orchestra and New Cool Collective on Eurosonic Air

As luck would have it I was not about to get to see a lot of Eurosonic this year. Busy plans at work and on top of that I fell ill on Friday afternoon and that kept me away from the full Saturday planning as well. I did however finally get to see Kyteman Orchestra on the open Air stage (probably further aiding to my getting the flu) and the ever fabulous New Cool Collective.

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Dame Flux in Galerie with tsjalling

Having recently successfully founded her new album project through crowd-funding (voordekunst), on Thursday January 10th, Irene Wiersma and Corneel Canters gave a first glimpse into the new sound of Dame Flux in the art gallery with tsjalling. And it was good. Different, but very fresh!

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Noorderslag Saturday – Platosonic

And as soon as Eurosonic had started, it was over. On Saturday all eyes turn to De Oosterpoort where in the evening only Dutch bands will perform at Noorderslag. New promising acts, bigger names with showcases and of course the traditional Popprijs-beershower. I’m again only doing Platosonic today but that too has a line-up of only Dutch bands today.

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Eurosonic Air Friday

After a short snack and a little bit of a walk I went back to the Grote Markt square for second Eurosonic Air night. A bit sceptic I must add, as I didn’t think I’d like the bands of the Friday edition as much as I did the one from Thursday. Di-Rect, De Jeugd Van Tegenwoordig and Go Back To The Zoo are all Dutch and I didn’t think too much about any of them to be honest.

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Eurosonic Friday

Had a very short night after the Thursday-edition of Platosonic and Eurosonic Air editing photos for FileUnder, but the festival was only half way, so Friday afternoon we headed back to Groningen for lots more music.

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Eurosonic Air Thursday

Now I could have packed my things and go home after Platosonic as I didn’t get to visit the endless amount of Eurosonic gigs that were held all over Groningen, but luckily there are a lot of gigs going on around the festival where you don’t actually need a Eurosonic ticket. Most of them however also don’t have a lot of light or simply hadn’t started when I got there. So enter Eurosonic Air: a big stage on the main square of Groningen where some of the bigger names were programmed for a full gig.

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Eurosonic Thursday

As I’m unfortunately not doing the full on Eurosonic, I’m only visiting the Platosonic gigs this year. Luckily there’s a lot of fantastic music there as well. And it’s popular, the two location (record store Plato and neighbouring coffeestore Coffee Company) are loaded and it’s hard to get from one location to the other. At least… it is if you’re trying to find a decent spot to take some photos.

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