Wende – The Berlin Sessions in De Oosterpoort

In April, shortly before the release of her new album Last Resistance, Wende came to Groningen to start a short clubtour called The Naked Sessions. A minimalistic show in Vera mixing Wende’s songwriting and voice with electronica and beats from the Trance scene and it was fantastic. Sold out venue and the combination of Wende and Vera worked! But now Wende is the second string of concerts, bigger this time: the Berlin sessions and she’s in the Oosterpoort venue for that gig.

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Wende -The Naked Sessions in Vera

Wende perfored in Vera last week as part of her clubtour for the upcoming album The Last Resistance. It has been a while since I last saw Wende as she has taken some time for the new album. Written in Berlin coupled with strongly posed portraits in black&white I couldn’t help but think of “Heroes” album of David Bowie, from David’s Berlin period. For the current clubtour Wende is accompanied not by a whole band, nor an orchestra but a very tight unit of only two men on guitar, bass and electronica.

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