Laurence Jones and Easterfield

When earlier this year the second edition of the Holland International Blues Festival was held in Grolloo, I was in Barcelona, which unfortunately (as a blues lover) means I’ve missed both editions. Apparently a young English blues musician was making quit the impression and was even performing alongside one of the main headliners: Buddy Guy. Last Friday this rising blues star by the name of Laurence Jones was playing to a sold out Vanslag in Borger and I was not going to miss that!

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Bluesfestival in De Tamboer

At one point in my life I really want to go to America and see, hear and feel blues. Not the “I’m Joe Bonamassa and I can fit 100 guitars on a stage” blues, not the bluesrock that has at least two dazzling guitar-solos per song fired at the audience at machinegun speed, but real actual blues. Blues that starts in your toes, loosens up the knees as it rises and doesn’t get past the hips as it’s impossible not to shake your ass (or booty) when you hear it. That blues -THAT BLUES- came to De Tamboer last weekend.

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