Preuvenement Assen

In a rush to get everything in order for the vacation, I failed to finish the review on Preuvenement, the cultural season-start of the autumn/winter time in Assen. On two outstandingly bright and sunny days we saw a mixture of music and lots and lots of culinary treats in the Gouverneurstuin in Assen.

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Drentsch Peil in Vanslag

In the third weekend of September Drentsch Peil -a showcase for new bands from the province of Drenthe- came to Borger to play at Vanslag. A perfect opportunity to see what’s up and coming in my province and to see the good people of Vanslag again at the beginning of the new season.

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Sven Hammond Soul

Sven Hammond Soul have recently released their fifth album Rapture and are touring with that now. They’ve been around for a good 10 years now and that shocked me a bit as it turned out I’ve not seen them in any of those years. High time to change that!

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Let’s Get Lost festival in Zwolle 1/2

After the last InDeKringloop session I leisurely made my way to the Hedon venue to pick up my photographers accreditation for the Let’s Get Lot festival and re-parked my car (9 Euro for three hours worth of parking and I still had about 10 hours of parking to go). All set and ready to go for a brand new festival in Zwolle: Let’s Get Lost.

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