Dauwpop 2014

My last visit to Dauwpop was in 2011, curiously enough at that edition Triggerfinger -closing the main stage this year- also played that edition. However when asked if I was willing to return to Dauwpop dn checking the billed names I didn’t hesitate. Good line-up and Dauwpop was the first festival I ever did in a semi-official state (only as that was the only way to take some photos of Alanis Morissette back in 2005). So on Ascension Day I drove through a drizzling landscape to Hellendoorn.

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Welcome to the Village – Saturday

Welcome to the Village is a ‘new generation’ festival organized in Leeuwarden. Not so much focussing on a huge main act, but on a good strong concept: a festival-area that was set-up like… well, like a village. A square where you can grab a bite to eat (local -organic, ecological- products) or get a massage and a little out of the way a tent where Groningen’s Vera was pressing shirts and bags in Welcome to the Village style. Around this and some other attractions were 5 stages. Two for the bigger acts and 3 for various other interesting acts. All acts fitting to some extent under an alternative/indie moniker. And if it got too hot you could always sit on a beach of take a dive in the lake. An easy going festival with an easy going hip young crownd: Welcome to the Village!

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Let’s Get Lost festival in Zwolle 2/2

Leaving the Zwolle based band The Horse Company in Hedon playing to an enthusiastic crowd in this already very interesting new festival, I went back to Theater Young Ones. Finding shortcuts as I went I was sure not to get lost anymore this night. Continue reading Let’s Get Lost festival in Zwolle 2/2

Old photos

On April 14 2011 I had my official 10 year anniversary in concert photography and I wanted to mark that occasion with a book of photos over that period. However I got completely stuck in ideas about layout. As 2011 was about to end, I picked up the original idea again and got back to thinning the selection of photos for the book.

Jeff Beck at the Melkweg in Amsterdam

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