Wende in Stadsschouwburg

Last year Wende released her latest album ‘Last Resistance’ and after coming to Vera with The Naked Sessions, visiting De Oosterpoort with The Berlin Sessions on may 3rd Wende came to Groningen again with The Theater Sessions visiting the Stadsschouwburg.

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Wende – The Berlin Sessions in De Oosterpoort

In April, shortly before the release of her new album Last Resistance, Wende came to Groningen to start a short clubtour called The Naked Sessions. A minimalistic show in Vera mixing Wende’s songwriting and voice with electronica and beats from the Trance scene and it was fantastic. Sold out venue and the combination of Wende and Vera worked! But now Wende is the second string of concerts, bigger this time: the Berlin sessions and she’s in the Oosterpoort venue for that gig.

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Lindsey Stirling in De Oosterpoort

Looking at the upcoming concerts of the Oosterpoort venue¬†the description of a certain¬†Lindsey Stirling caught my eye: ” the first artist to convincingly combine classical violin with modern dance” and “using a unique combination of classical violin and electronic dubstep”. I couldn’t help but be intrigued. Also I was really hoping for her there would at least be a somewhat decent turn-up at the concert. Apearently I missed the part about her having millions of fans around the world and having made it to the quarter finals of ‘America’s Got Talent’, the place was packed! Only two concerts in the Netherlands and they’re both a huge success. So I needn’t have worried about that :-)

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Faithless in Martiniplaza

Faithless is on a farewell tour and came to Groningen to say Goodbye and Thank you to the fans from the North of the Netherlands (did see quite a few people from all over Europe too). With the size of the crowd the Martiniplaza was the perfect place to hold this gig. Continue reading Faithless in Martiniplaza