Cross Linx 2016

This year marks the 15th edition of the Cross Linx festival, the festival that aims to bring new ‘avant-garde’ popmusic and mix it up. To bring unexpected musical combinations and add a touch of that magic classical tough. This years edition had a few interesting surprises again.

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A few highlights in concerts that 2014 brought

In 2014 I saw many concerts again. Some by band I knew and it introduced many new artists and bands to me and I loved so many of them. It’s absolutely impossible to arrange a set in a Top 10 as there were so many incredible concerts and one is simply so much different to another. But I would like, as is the custom at the end of the year, to highlight a few moments of the year.

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The 10 albums of 2014

As every year I buy way more¬†albums than is good for me (trust me, it’s too much). However I must admit that this year I haven’t bought that many albums that were actually released this year. I’m sure I’ll find a lot that I missed somewhere in the next year, but it has made producing a top 10 list just a bit easier. Continue reading The 10 albums of 2014

Leendert and Cast Glass in the Synagog

Last Friday seemed like the start of the fall-season in concert land. Various venues in Groningen had gigs going on, Vanslag in Borger had a great act and in The highest region of the province of Groningen Richard Bolhuis of House of Cosy Cusions had an art-symbiosis mixing images and sound in ‘ Twijduuster’¬† in the town Kloosterburen. However I had planned on visiting my friends of wishfulmusic weeks before as they had another show in the Synagog of Groningen with two terrific acts.

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Cross-Linx festival

The fantastic festival Cross-linx that mixes classical music with avant-garde, indie music was due for it’s 2014 edition and it had two names on the bill that ranked very high up in my wanna-see list for some time now: Dutch harpist Lavinia Meijer and Shara Worden as My Brightest Diamond. Merely two names of an impressive list and a schedule that was hell bent on making the visitors make some impossible decisions.

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Cross-Linx Groningen

Last week the traveling Cross-Linx event -a festival where new ‘avant-garde’ indie bands mix and hook up with classical musicians- was held in 5 days on 5 different locations in the Netherlands. On Monday March 4th the last evening of Cross-Linx was held in De Oosterpoort in Groningen. My big chance to finally see Lamb up close and personal!

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Sharon van Etten and Marisa Anderson in Vera

In February last year I visited the Cross-Linx festival in De Oosterpoort. Mainly for The National and Efterklang, but on a side-stage I saw a wonderful gig by Sharon van Etten, so I hurried to order a ticket for her gig when I saw she’d be coming back to Groningen. On December 5 Sharon played the Vera venue.

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Cross-Linx Groningen 2011

The line-up of Cross-Linx looked fantastic and I was extremely happy that I got permission to go there for FileUnder.

The festival was opened by Efterklang with Daniel Bjarnason and Their Messing Orchestra. Hard to describe in any other way than ‘beautiful’. Wonderfully crafted songs (mostly of their latest album) and played so beautiful. Lots of bandmembers on stage (hey, it is a messing orchestra). At the end of the gig the whole band left the stage, entered the floor and paraded to the back of the hall, up the stairs and ended the concert there, in style

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