Let’s Get Lost festival in Zwolle 2/2

Leaving the Zwolle based band The Horse Company in Hedon playing to an enthusiastic crowd in this already very interesting new festival, I went back to Theater Young Ones. Finding shortcuts as I went I was sure not to get lost anymore this night. Continue reading Let’s Get Lost festival in Zwolle 2/2

Mark Lanegan in De Oosterpoort

It’s been nearly six years since I first (and last) saw Mark Lanegan, then as part of The Twilight Singers playing in Vera. A fantastic sound, but couldn’t much remember of Mark visually. He’s back in Groningen, this time with the Mark Lanegan Band, promoting his latest album Blues Funeral.

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Eurosonic – Creature With The Atom Brain, Sivert Høyem and Young Guns

Al the way from Belgium came the psychedelic alt.rockers of Creature With The Atom Brain. They played at Vindicat and the band was heard all over the square outside; they played LOUD

In the most beautiful venue of Groningen – the Stadsschouwburg- fromer Madrugada frontman Sivert Høyem presented his band. The weird thing with this venue is that they built the stage over the seats. So technically the bands are in the seated area (well, above it) and the crowd is on the stage. The upshot is that you get great views to the ceiling. The gig itself was good and Sivert’s name is enough to get a huge crowd in the venue.

And then back to Vindicat for the last EuroSonic gig. Post-Hardcore from England’s Young Guns and the volume is turned up to the loudest setting here. It’s also the first gig since ages that I install the fash on my camera again. How else am I possibly going to get the singer mid-air?

And so EuroSonic came to an end. I saw lots and lots of bands, worked and worked to get my photos edited in time for the FileUnder.nl reviews of EuroSonic and now there was only one more day to go: Noorderslag.