Dani Nel.lo in Luz de Gas – Barcelona

When I first visited my girlfriend in Barcelona in January this year, we attended a concert in Jamboree by Dani Nel.lo. As I had planned another visit to M. the past week I saw that Dani was playing again. This time in Luz de Gas and it seemed a good plan to go to another Dani Nel.lo concert as we’d both enjoyed it a lot the first time.

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Ralph de Jongh in Lodewijk Napoleon 1809

It’s been a year since the cafe Lodewijk Napoleon opened its doors and they decided to celebrate that moment with a concert by Ralph de Jongh, fantastic idea! Back in the day when the Cosy Corner cafe was in that location it already had some great concerts and I well remember seeing Bradley’s Circus there in a blues route. With a raised floor in the cafe it’s perfect for concerts there and having a concert in Assen for a change is really nice :)

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Ormonde and Stems in Mariënholm convent

If there’s one thing I love about the wishfulmusic it’s that they’re able to surprise you with gorgeous locations in Groningen where they organize their concerts. Besides the various living-room concerts they already regularly have concerts in the Synagog and last Saturday they held the concerts in a convent.

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Barcelona March 2015

Spending my Birthday with my girlfriend would be the best way to turn 39, so even though I ‘d just visited Barcelona in January, I flew back on February 28 to spend a few more days in that beautiful city. Escaping the cold weather in the Netherlands was a good reason too :)

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Marike Jager at ROC Friese Poort

I love seeing Marike Jager perform. Not only because I love her albums, but she manages to make her concerts visually interesting by using the stage to its fullest. She transformed the stage into a harbor at midnight for het ‘Here comes the Night’ tour and chose little quaint churches touring her album ‘The Silent Song’. So it would be interesting to see what she did this time, the photos I saw of a few prior gigs seemed promising.

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Danny Vera and Taneytown in Vera

Last Thursday I decided to test my newly repaired roadbike wheel and had to pick up the pace as the round got a bit bigger then I had planned. Did a good round, rushed to the shower and then quickly drove to Groningen for Danny Vera’s gig in -appropriately- Vera.

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Welcome to the Village and a general announcement

Hey all, as the concert season is on a summer break, festivals are popping up everywhere and it’s great to see so many new festivals with a fresh take on the concept. The next two days I’ll be at the Welcome to the Village festival near Leeuwarden and I’m very much looking forward to that.

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Lou Barlow in Platformtheater

Last night Lou Barlow (known for his work in Dinosaur Jr., Sebadoh, Sentridoh and Folk Implosion) came to the Platformtheater in Groningen. It was my first visit to this theater, but it looked great and had a fantastic atmosphere thanks to great placements of lights. The stage for the bands looked a bit makeshift though, but that didn’t matter a bit.

Opening for Lou was Vox Von Braun from Groningen. A great band, but I found the vocals a bit hard to follow. Would love to see them again sometime.

[flickr]tag:KJGuch+vvb0502@Klaas / KJGuch.com[/flickr]

When Vox Von Braun finished the set the stage was quickly reset for the main act: Lou Barlow & The Missingmen. Lou started solo, sounding ever so fragile. Then the Missingmen took their place on stage and the concert gained a lot of power. As an encore, Lou played a bunch of requests. He did this solo again and it sounded (like the rest of the gig) absolutely fantastic. Had a terrific night.

[flickr]tag:KJGuch+lobr0502@Klaas / KJGuch.com[/flickr]

Joan As Police Woman in De Oosterpoort

Last night the ‘normal’ concert season started with a terrific gig by Joan As Police Woman. The Eurosonic/Noorderslag days are great, but incredibly hectic. Last night I was able to enjoy the whole concert, and that’s a nice change :)

Joan Wasser (the ‘Joan’ of ‘Joan As Police Woman’) is a great singer/songwriter and mixes musical styles with great results. The gig itself was great. Lots of songs from the albums ‘Real Life’ and ‘To Survive’ and some unexpected covers. In between the songs there was time to kid around a bit with band and audience, to learn some Dutch and to exchange some fashion tips on boots. Not a sold out venue, but a good turn-up anyway and a fantastic way to start the season

[flickr]tag:KJGuch+japw3101@Klaas / KJGuch.com[/flickr]

Audiotransparent in Stadsschouwburg

To promote their new album Chekhov Guns the Groningen based band Audiotransparent held their releaseparty in the beautiful Stadsschouwburg venue in Groningen on November 26 2009. The Black Atlantic -also from Groningen- opened for them

[flickr]tag:Audiotransparent+Chekhov Guns@Klaas / KJGuch.com[/flickr]