Swinder at Live op Zondag

Yesterday the new year in Concert photography started with Swinder in Groningen. Amidst the storm Ciara that was getting stronger and stronger we enjoyed the soothing calming and comforting dialect songs from this Groninger band.

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Eurosonic preview @ Vanslag

In a few days Eurosonic is going to start again in Groningen and with so many bands -from all over Europe- playing in Groningen, it’s easy to overlook some of them and for that reason alone it’s great that in the day’s before it starts ¬†there are some preview shows. In Vanslag in Borger last night they showcased 7 acts from the province of Drenthe that will all play at Eurosonic-Noorderslag next week.

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Rumbling Earth festival

A new festival in Groningen: the Rumbling Earth festival, with musicians playing in various open locations all over Groningen. I was browsing lovely new road bicycles most of the afternoon, so I wasn’t able to see a lot of it and as it started raining at the end of the afternoon I cut my visit to Groningen a bit short, but… but, but, but… I saw three great acts anyway!

I Took Your Name @ Rumbling Earth

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Kendler and Mountainbirds in Viadukt

I spend a lot of concert-visiting time in Vera. After that the Oosterpoort theater and Simplon round up my top 3 of locations. All in Groningen. But in my twelve years of concert-visiting I have never been to Viadukt and that’s a crying shame. So it’s a good thing that Kendler was to have their EP presentation in Viadukt. A kick-ass band so I couldn’t go wrong there and with the added bonus of discovering the Mountainbirds.

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I Took Your Name in Vanslag

A day after my livingroom concert Chris took his I Took Your Name project to the Vanslag podium in Borger. A great chance to see him play his songs on electric guitars and a good excuse to visit that fantastic stage again.

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Livingroom concert in my own livingroom

Late 2012 a plan was hatched that I hadn’t thought possible a short while earlier. A livingroom concert in my very own livingroom. The months, weeks leading up to this very moment were filled with a different anxiety. Having the event combined with Record Store Day was a nice coincidence.

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Aankondiging huiskamerconcert met I Took Your Name en Kendler

Eindelijk is het dan zover, na een aantal huiskamerconcerten in het Groningse te hebben bezocht mag ik nu dan toch met gepaste trots mijn eerste zelf georganiseerde huiskamerconcert aankondigen. Op 20 april spelen er maar liefst twee Groningse acts in mijn woonkamer en ik hoop jullie hier te mogen verwelkomen. Met wat passen en meten moeten we toch zeker plek kunnen maken voor 25 bezoekers (vol=vol!).

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