Dauwpop 2014

My last visit to Dauwpop was in 2011, curiously enough at that edition Triggerfinger -closing the main stage this year- also played that edition. However when asked if I was willing to return to Dauwpop dn checking the billed names I didn’t hesitate. Good line-up and Dauwpop was the first festival I ever did in a semi-official state (only as that was the only way to take some photos of Alanis Morissette back in 2005). So on Ascension Day I drove through a drizzling landscape to Hellendoorn.

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Swingin’ Groningen day 2

The 19th edition of Swingin’ Groningen is held this year. Quite impressive considering the 5 years the festival was on hold. It got a ‘reboot’ last year and thankfully they’re back to stay so this year Groningen was swinging again for a good three days.

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