Ralph de Jongh in Vanslag

From the first time Ralph de Jongh played in the Vanslag venue in Borger, the combination has been a huge success and so it’s no surprise that Ralph and band came to Borger to present the new album here last Saturday.

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Flux in Vera

After I left the Steve Vai + NNO concert, I headed for Vera where Groningen based band Flux (formed around Irene Wiersma) had their second CD-release evening of their new album ‘Pluimgewichten’ (the first one was in Paradiso/Amsterdam).

I first saw Flux a few years ago when they were one of the acts helping along the album presentation of Meindert Talma. Back then Flux were two ladies singing along to a backingtrack. The band has been through several musical phases and bandformats and has now surfaced as a great live band with Irene as the steady value of the band.

The evening was opened by poet Nic Castle. That was a bit of a surprise, but fun to see.

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After that Irene and her merry men took to the stage for their gig. I already knew some songs of their recently released EP ‘Held op sokken’ (Hero on socks), but here live, with a band, the songs grew in power. All songs are Dutch and have a definite poetic quality to them. I thought the concert was great.

As you can see in the gallery, for the buyers of the album a letter was added to the album apologising for a fault in the CD booklet (for translation see comments on the Flickr page). A new booklet was added and Irene made a very lovely letter of apology. All is forgiven :)

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