Christina Martin in Vanslag

I have this thing for singer-songwriters. They often alternate between band-versions and very small units with only an extra guitarist when they’re on tour over here and I love how their songs sound big and strong with a full band behind them and so tender and fragile when they’re all alone on a stage. Last week Canadian Christina Martin played in Vanslag, with Dale Murray on guitar and lapsteel guitar.

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House of Cosy Cushions in Vanslag

Only a day after Hugh Cornwell’s acoustic history lesson in the punk and new wave of The Stranglers today I was back at Vanslag again for a very different kind of concert: House of Cosy Cushions were playing there this afternoon and what I know of their music it seemed a great match for the former church.

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Julie Doiron in Vanslag

Canadian Julie Doiron has a long standing musical career that began in ‘Eric’s Trip’ when she was eighteen. Her solo career started shortly after that band disbanded. She has also collaborated with fellow Canadians of The Tragically Hip. And last Thursday she opened the four days of music on Vanslag

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Kendler in Vanslag

Kendler will present their brand new EP on May 11 in Viadukt in Groningen, but last Friday they played a full-band gig in Vanslag and that was a great opportunity to see the band after having seen frontman Gijs on his own at my livingroom concert recently.

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Christopher Paul Stelling and Ha Ha Tonka in Vanslag

Last Friday I was back in Borger again, this time for a gig in the Roots on the Road series. They had a great band on with Ha Ha Tonka and opened with a set by New York based Christopher Paul Stelling.

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I Took Your Name in Vanslag

A day after my livingroom concert Chris took his I Took Your Name project to the Vanslag podium in Borger. A great chance to see him play his songs on electric guitars and a good excuse to visit that fantastic stage again.

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