Luke Winslow-King’s Valentine Blues

Heartbreak hurts, but it can also be the inspiration of terrific songwriting. Luke Winslow-King had to go through some heartbreak when his partner and band-member left him last year. And when you have the blues, when you feel the blues, you play the blues. At least that’s what Luke did and it resulted in a terrific album that’s firmly nestled in blues.

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Chatham County Line in Vanslag

On Thursday February 9th the men of Chatham County Line came to Borger for an evening of true Bluegrass music. As it happens I’ve seen them before, a long long time ago. It was on the Take Root festival back in 2005. A time when I was just switching from analog photography to digital and I’m happy to see the guys of Chatham County Line have NOT done the same and are still playing true blue ‘analog’.

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Laura Gibson & Jenny Berkel in Vanslag

It’s been a busy few days, working on fences, setting up & testing my new Bianchi bicycle, testing a new lens, getting my X-Pro2 back from the factory… You’d almost forget the concert-season has started again, but it has and so on Friday september nine I was at Borger with the Roots on the Road concert by Laura Gibson and with Jenny Berkel opening.

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Meschiya Lake & The Little Big Horns in Vanslag

At first sight Meschiya Lake might seem a bit rough, she certainly has more tattoos than anyone I’ve ever seen. However she’s a super friendly, charming young lady who -together with her band the Little Big Horns- brings a little bit of New Orleans wherever she goes.

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Ralph de Jongh in Vanslag

From the first time Ralph de Jongh played in the Vanslag venue in Borger, the combination has been a huge success and so it’s no surprise that Ralph and band came to Borger to present the new album here last Saturday.

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Dolf Jansen & The LSB Experience in Vanslag

This week the concerts have a little twist as New Cool Collective was a bit theatrical and last night in Borger I visited the band the LSB Experience that is touring with comedian and presenter Dolf Jansen telling the story of the American venue The Troubadour.

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Loop Alley at Vanslag

Together with Roots on the Road the Vanslag stage in Borger is by now a well known stage for Americana and Roots music, but last Friday I saw that is can more than hold its own in popular music too with the ‘deep house’, loops and full band of Loop Alley.

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