Ralph de Jongh at Live op Zondag

On October six Ralph de Jongh kicked off the new season of Love op Zondag, the series of Jazz and Blues concerts held in Poortershoes in Groningen. After last season’s six concerts the series is back for five more and with Ralph they were of to an amazing start.

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Laurence Jones and The Tightropes in Vanslag

Mid April Laurence Jones returned to Vanslag. I saw him play there before in October 2017. Back then in a tight 4-man formation, this time the group has expanded a bit.

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The Tightropes at Poortershoes

Last Sunday was the second edition of Live at Zondag (Live on Sunday) at Poortershoes, a terrific initiative from a bunch of music loving people that decided at organising a set of concerts was an experiment they really wanted to and so they went for it. This afternoon we got a gig by The Tightropes

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Ribs & Blues in Raalte

I’m a bit behind but working my hardest to catch up. On Pentecost – May 19th- I traveled to Raalte for the annual Ribs & Blues festival. Mainly to see Nick Waterhouse, but as ever the Sunday program of this free festival is brimming with talented blues and bluesy acts. So it’s a joy to visit it every year.

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Asser Bluesdagen

The last weekend of January the various pubs and cafes in Assen join together to organize the bluesfestival called the Asser Bluesdagen. There is a kick-off on Friday afternoon and an Afterblues on Sunday, but the main part of the festival is on Saturday.

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Ribs&Blues in Raalte

In the Pentecost weekend (or ‘Pinksterweekend’ as it’s known in Dutch) is very popular in the Netherlands for it’s many festivals. Best know will the the Pinkpop festival, but there are many more. Usually you’ll find me in Raalte on at least one of the days for the annual Ribs&Blues festival. A brilliant festival mixing the outdoor activities associated with the warm weather (BBQ anyone?) with loads of music of the blues variation.

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Rhythm & Blues Night 2012 4/4

It’s past midnight, the hours are starting to count (what idiot decides to take 2 camera’s and 7 lenses along anyway? Oh yeah… me) but two blokes from my hometown are also playing on the festival and I really heed to see them too.

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Rhythm & Blues Night 2012 1/4

I’ve been looking forward to this edition of the R&B Night for a long long time. A bunch of fantastic names got out pretty early and the time table showed that the names were spread very nicely so there would be enough time to see just about everything I wanted and it’s a great place to see and catch up with lots of musical friends. The evening started with a few great names so I dived right in.

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Ralph de Jong, Tommy Ebben and Bradley’s Circus in Assen

The Last weekend of January is traditionally Bluesnight with lots of bluesgigs in various café’s, pubs, bars and venues. You can run along all night from one location to the other to see as much as possible, or you pick a few and enjoy the full gig. As I’d be playing hotel for one of the bands, I didn’t hop around very much and saw only a three gigs, but they were three fantastic gigs

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Liptease, Aynsley Lister and John Mayall @ Ribs&Blues 2/2

After a great afternoon with some fantastic blues music, Ribs&Blues headed into the evening for some more blues.

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The Black Keys in De Oosterpoort

On November 11 The Black Keys played in De Oosterpoort,  well… they rocked De Oosterpoort. The even was sold out completely and well deserved. The Monroes, a garagerock band from ‘rockcity’ Groningen, served as opening-act. They played a great set and did well warming up the audience to the main act (wanted to take a coy of their album with me when I left, but the booth was temporarily deserted as they were checking out The Black Keys themselves. Oh well, another time then)

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And what a main act. The Black Keys shook De Oosterpoort to its foundations. The first part of the gig features only Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney -The Black Keys- playing mainly older songs (including my favourite Stack Shot Billy). The duo play rocksolid and the sound is awesome. When the songs from their latest album are played in the second part of the gig Dan and Partick are backed up by Bass and a beautiful Farsifa organ. Oh… and a huuuuge discoball, gotta mention that. The extra instruments fit in well, but don’t take any of the attention away that Dan and Patrick so fully deserve, their on-stage chemistry makes for a phenomenal groove that is fully taken in by the audience. The concert is absolutely fantastic

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I read a review in the paper this morning that stated “The Black Keys: Phenomenal bluesrock for a young generation” and they’re spot on, although I’m willing to bet that the ‘older’ generation loved this gig just as much.