Bevrijdingsfestival Groningen

On May 5th we celebrate freedom in the Netherlands, it was the day the Second World War ended for the Netherlands in 1945. There are festivals all over the country with a bunch of mayor bands and a lot of local bands. This year was my first visit to the festival in Groningen.

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Noorderslag Saturday – Platosonic

And as soon as Eurosonic had started, it was over. On Saturday all eyes turn to De Oosterpoort where in the evening only Dutch bands will perform at Noorderslag. New promising acts, bigger names with showcases and of course the traditional Popprijs-beershower. I’m again only doing Platosonic today but that too has a line-up of only Dutch bands today.

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Best concerts of 2011

As I’m looking back at 2011, I might as a well add a list of the concerts I’ve most enjoyed this year. Putting them in a numerical order is not really going to work, is instead I’ve chosen for an alphabetical order.

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Blaudzun and Mdungu at Noorderzon

Last night I went to Noorderzon again (it lasts 11 days but I can’t attend them all). This evening had two other new and interesting bands for me. First of back to the Spiegeltent again for Dutch singer/songwriter Blaudzun (named after a Danish cyclist). The venue was already well filled when I got there, but luckily I managed to squirm myself in there and found a low angle front-row place. It was steaming hot in there, so wearing a long sleeved shirt was maybe not such a good idea.

The band entered the stage not much later and also quickly called for towels, sweat streaming off of their foreheads. Musically it was wonderful. Great songs both from the EP and the album by Blaudzun. Singer/guitarist Johannes Sigmond is well recognizable with his glasses and intense black hair. As for the lights at the gig… well, that was a bit less helpful. It was so darn dark red I was unable to make anything else out of the photos than greyscaled images. Not that that is a bad thing, it’s just that I’d prefer it as an option rather then a mandatory choice and also I prefer to see a bit more colour at a gig than only lots of red

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After the Blaudzun gig it was nice to get outside in the fresh air again and I managed to find a great spot for the gig at the open air stage. Based in the Netherlands, but with mambers of different nationalities, Mdungu plays Jazz orientated African music. It was swinging and so was the audience after two songs. On both sides of the pond and way in the back people danced to the fantastic sounds of this band. What a difference to Thursdays act. This was a fantastic gig and I loved it. Also the lights were fantastic so I was able to take some shots from various angles. A great band with a fantastic vibe

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