Record Store Day 2014

Record Store Day is of course a joy for music lovers all over the world. Special vinyl releases, re-releases of old and obscure records and loads of instore concerts by various bands. As usual, I visited Assen and Groningen.

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Welcome to the Village – Sunday

On Sunday the third and last day of Welcome to the Village arrived. And though the festival would end a few hours earlier than on Saturday, the amount of bands I wanted to see was actually bigger. A day to pick up the pace then :)

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Damien Jurado in De Oosterpoort

A day after Mark Lanegan I was back in De Oosterpoort again for a musician that I also hadn’t seen in years. Back in 2005 Damien opened for Dolorean and I hardly saw anything of him at all then as I came rushing in after a John Hiatt gig in De Oosterpoort. He played solo then, now he’s back, with a band. Time to find out what I missed back then.

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Eurosonic Friday

Had a very short night after the Thursday-edition of Platosonic and Eurosonic Air editing photos for FileUnder, but the festival was only half way, so Friday afternoon we headed back to Groningen for lots more music.

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Midlake in Vera

On Wednesday April 28 I got to see Midlake, a band from Texas/USA that came greatly recommended and had a (nearly?) full house at Vera in Groningen. Originally Nicole Atkins was to open for the band, but she couldn’t make it to Europe due to the ash cloud from the Icelandic volcano eruption. Instead Groningen based The Black Atlantic now opened for Midlake during the Dutch gigs (of which this would be the last). However, since the instrumentation of Midlake took so much space on the Vera stage, only half of The Black Atlantic was able to fit on the stage this time. Geert van der Velde and Kim Janssen played a great set that demanded even more attention from the audience due to the quiet sound than they usually do. The lo-fi sound was great, but with a bit to much noise out of the audience the magic was easy to break (didn’t happen too often, luckily)

[flickr]tag:KJGuch+blackatlantic042810@Klaas /[/flickr]

After a few small changes on stage, all was set for the 7 (!) members of Midlake. It took a bit for the memebers to find their place on stage and around each other, but once they did, the gig went like clockwork. Great songs, fantastic connection with the audience. as it was their last gig in Europe, they give it all they got and that worked wonderfully well and as the evening went along, the gig got better and better. It was a shame I wasn’ able to sta till the very end, but I had to work on the photos and had a daytime job to return to as well. But I’ll definitely go see them again next time they’re around

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Audiotransparent in Stadsschouwburg

To promote their new album Chekhov Guns the Groningen based band Audiotransparent held their releaseparty in the beautiful Stadsschouwburg venue in Groningen on November 26 2009. The Black Atlantic -also from Groningen- opened for them

[flickr]tag:Audiotransparent+Chekhov Guns@Klaas /[/flickr]